Welcome to this week’s oracle card reading, using  Work Your Light oracle cards. 

Here’s how this works: take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. Look at the image below and decide which card (or cards) you are drawn to. I usually just pick one, but it’s ok to pick two – or even more if you feel like it! Once you’ve chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up to see which your card was, and what it means.



I stopped doing free personalised readings at the end of July. If you emailed your request before the end of the month I will get your reading to you soon! I’m currently working on what I’ll do about personalised readings going forward.
Next week’s reading will be with a different deck of cards; keep an eye out on Facebook for a poll as to which one I should use!
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Here are this week’s cards:



  1. Share Your Voice
    work-your-light-share-your-voiceCome out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.This was actually our first card last week. This card has come up for you today because it’s time to stop hiding in the shadows, and shine your light for the whole world to see. That doesn’t mean you need to become some sort of exhibitionist – more that you have some aspect of yourself right now that perhaps you are hiding away or not showing to everyone. It’s about being more open in who you are and not hiding anything. That might mean speaking up in situations where you might normally stay quiet, or perhaps even speaking to large groups of people. Only you know what this card means for you.
    The image on the card shows someone sitting in a dark cave while the beautiful world carries on outside; when you hide part of yourself from the world like this you are not living to your full potential. It can be scary to share your voice with the world but when you allow your soul to express its true self you will attract the right people to you. Now is the best time to stand up and share your voice with the world. When you speak your truth from a place of authenticity you make it easier for the next person to do the same and so you can play a part in changing the whole world, setting off a chain reaction of people standing in their authentic truth. This week, think about how you can share your voice with the world.
  2. Keepers of the Earth
    You are not alone. Ancient ancestors stand beside you.We had this card last week too! This is an activation card, encouraging you to activate who you are deep down, at a soul level – beyond what your ego or personality might think you are or who other people might believe you to be. 
    This card has come up for you because you’ve been seeking reassurance that you are not alone. You have a group of spirits/angels/guides who are with you at all times; they are available to help and guide you whenever you need it- but you need to call on them to ask for their help. With these beings, as in real life, the only thing stopping you from receiving help is yourself. You can ask for help at any time, in any matter – large or small. If you allow them, these beings will help to guide you along the path and bring you the rewards you deserve. This week, try to be more open to receiving help and support, and to asking for it when you need it!


  3. Align Your Life
    What is no longer in alignment with who you truly are?This is an inquiry card, so it’s asking you to think about alignment in your life. In the image you can see that the woman is out of alignment; parts of her are all over the place. This is a metaphor for how parts of your life are right now. Perhaps there is something in your life that was a great fit for you some years ago, but now is no longer in alignment with your true self. It’s ok to let go of these things with love; you don’t need to feel guilty for being who you truly are. We all change over time; nobody can stay the same for a whole lifetime. Some of us change more than others and that’s ok too. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean we stop growing or changing; of course over time we will need to let go of the things that no longer suit us. This could be relationships, hobbies or possessions. If you resist this out of a sense of duty or attachment, you will begin to feel stuck – perhaps you already do. This week take some time to think about who you truly are, what you really enjoy and what you really want from life. What aspects of your current life don’t support your true self?
  4. Warrior Woman
    work-your-light-warrior-womanIf you weren’t afraid, what would you do?This is another inquiry card, asking you to think about your life as it is, and how it differs from how you would like it to be – from  your true self. 
    The question of what we would do if we were not afraid is one we should ask ourselves regularly as it helps us to identify our fears, and our true desires. There is something in your life that you are being called to do, but doing it requires courage. What is it you’re feeling nervous or even afraid of doing? Oftentimes our fears stand between us and our greatest gifts and achievements. When we feel nervous about doing something but we’re able to courageously do it anyway, we become stronger and more resilient, and feel good about ourselves. Courage comes from knowing we are living as our authentic selves, not pretending to be who we think we ought to be. Your fear is an opportunity to expand and grow. This week, think about what you would do if fear was not in the equation. And then think about how you can overcome that fear!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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