My Favourite Piece of Home Tech 1

My favourite piece of home tech has to be the blu-ray player we were recently sent.   Our TV is one of those ones with a dvd player in the side – which is great, except that it seems to have a litle gremlin in there too, and the gremlin does not share our taste […]

Samsung blu-ray player

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 2015-05-27 1

It’s Wordless Wednesday! Do you have a photo post to link up this week? An InLinkz Link-up <div align=”center”> <a href=”” title=”Wordless Wednesday”><img src=”×150.png” alt=”Single Mother Ahoy Wordless Wednesday”>

The Saga of the New Shorts

S is very particular about her clothing. She chooses her outfits each morning, and I’ve long since given up trying to make her wear anything at all. This poses a bit of a problem then, when companies want to send us clothes for her. It’s hit and miss, when the clothes turn up, as to […]

dancing toddler

#DayInTheLife (1)

#DayInTheLife: OMG It’s A Girl!

Today’s #DayInTheLife is from Alan at Life With Baby Pink & The Boys. Alan turns 40 this Summer and was born to Irish parents though adopted by Americans. He spent time in an orphanage runs by nuns and a boarding school for emotionally disturbed children. Diagnosed with depression, he’s worked in many industries: retail, hospitality, […]

Is Bingo Where It’s At? 1

When I think of bingo, I think of my nan toddling off to the local community centre with her friends… but my younger sister tells me that actually, she loves it. She goes to bingo with her friends at least once a week, and they have a great time. It seems these days, bingo is […]

Is Bingo Where It's At-

Stefano Di Renzo

A Snapshot from our Salisbury Festival Weekend 1

  Each Summer, Salisbury has an arts festival. The opening weekend has grown into a fantastic event with free entertainment all over the city as well as all sorts of other things. Added to that, we heard one of our favourite authors would be in our local Waterstones on Sunday morning reading her latest book. […]

Trying (Failing?) to Look Like a Grown Up

I’ve never been a big one for dressing like a grown up. I’ve never had a sense of style; even well before I had S, I went for the “does it look clean/does it smell ok” approach to dressing in the mornings. For my first year as a self employed person, it really didn’t matter […]

Trying (Failing-) To Look Like A Grown

weekly weigh in #13

Weekly Weigh In #13 6

  I toyed with the idea of not even bothering with a weigh-in post this week, but I figure I can’t just not post if I know it’s not going to be good news! Goal for last week Last week’s goal was to stop the sugar… I have cut it right back, but I think […]

Goal Setting for Greatness 2015-05-25 2

  Welcome to my weekly goal setting linky. Thank you to everyone who joined in last week; for those who didn’t, here’s how it works. You can set yourself some goals, and join up to the linky – then we all leave positive and supportive comments on each other’s posts. Next week, we all come […]

Goal Setting for Greatness

villa america review

Book Review: Villa America 2

  Mumsnet sent me a copy of Villa America for review. Villa America is a work of fiction based on historical fact; all of the characters bar one existed in real life, and the majority of events described in the book really happened. The book is set at the beginning of the 20th century and follows […]