Welcome to this card reading for 2020, using the Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle deck.

Here’s how this works: take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind as you look at the image below, and choose the card or cards you feel most drawn to. Once you’ve chosen your card, scroll down to take a look at your reading.

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Here are your cards for 2020:

1.There’s nothing to worry about

You are safe, and this situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal order. Only infuse loving thoughts and emotioins into the situation to ensure that the highest possible outcome flows effortlessly to and through you.

When we indulge in fear, we attract fearful things to us. Take a deep breath and choose something that feels better. Know that you have nothing to fear here. This may be an uncertain time for you, but the ultimate outcome will be for your best and highest good. Know that everything will work out in the end. In the meantime, focus on feeling good and thinking positively.

2. Notice the signs

Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving are heaven-sent. We drop feathers, coins and other signs upon your path to remind you that you’re loved and never alone.

Once you begin to look for signs, you will find that they have been there all along. Feathers and coins may appear in your path to confirm that you are headed in the right direction. If you are feeling unsure, you can ask for a sign, to see a particular animal or colour. When you see it, you will know that all of this is going in the right direction. All is well.

3. Relationship

Your primary relationship is with yourself and God, and every other relationship follows from there. To attract, heal, or balance a relationship, then snuggle more closely with your loving Creator. As you feel safe and loved within, so shall your other relationships bloom and prosper.

Relationships are a big concern for you this year. Perhaps you have a relationship which concerns you – or perhaps a lack of relationship bothers you. Now is the time to address this. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and see them grow and flourish. Focus on knowing this person well. If you are looking for a romantic relationship, now is the time to really pay attention to what you want from that. If you don’t know what your ideal relationship looks like, you won’t know when it arrives!

4. Trustworthy Guidance

You’ve received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers. This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it, knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea.

Sometimes ideas come to us, and we don’t know what to do with them – or we shelve them, to think about and work on at a later date. This card is here to tell you that the time to take action is now. The ideas and guidance you have received are directly related to your happiness over the coming year. It may be scary to take action, but just small steps can help lead to the bigger picture of what you are capable of here.

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2020 Thoughts

2020 is the start of a new year and a new decade. It is time to leave behind those things that have not served you over the last ten years. Now is not a time for ticking off goals achieved, or even for setting new resolutions for the coming year. Rather, spend a little time in silence and thinking about what you can let go of now. Are there habits or behaviours better left behind you? Are there relationships that no longer serve you? This does not mean you should suddenly cut all ties with a particular person, but rather work to let go of your attachment to them. Often the problems we experience with our relationships with others are created by our attachment and a desire for them to behave in a certain way. When we can let go of this, the relationship is able to flourish and grow without being hampered by expectation.

Let go of 2019 and open yourself to the opportunities and adventures of 2020!

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Vicky Charles

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