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Who is Single Mother Ahoy?

My name is Vicky Charles and I set up this blog in September 2012. At the time I was the single mother of a 5 month old baby girl, and felt completely lost at sea and quite lonely. I originally set up this blog to give myself an outlet, to order my thoughts and find sense of what I was going through.

Now I use it as a place to share useful information, comment on current affairs and generally shout a bit! Here you will find blog posts with commentary on current affairs, useful tips, information and explanations for single parents and cute photos of my little girl!

Topics covered

I had a nervous breakdown in 2010, and write a lot about my experience with mental health issues here. I wrote and published a book about having a breakdown.

I also experienced domestic abuse, and have written several posts about that. 
These posts are all about domestic abuse

My daughter was born prematurely, and I dealt with a rather difficult time after her birth. You can read my birth story here.

Popular posts

Here are a few of my most popular posts:

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