Welcome to Single Mother Ahoy

I’m Vicky. I’m a single mum, writer and oracle card reader.

On this site you will find my musings on life, as well as my spiritual journey which is an ongoing process.

My Story

I have been a single parent since my daughter was born in 2012. We’ve had some ups and downs, but thankfully mostly ups.

I had a life-changing nervous breakdown in 2010 which I didn’t really recover from until after I became a mum.

I have always been inquisitive when it came to spirituality, but in the last couple of years I have found that this has become a larger part of my life.

Woo Woo

I have been on a somewhat “woo woo” path for a while now, and have become more open about this, writing about it in blog posts and on social media.

I also now offer personalised card readings, and will be offering more things in the future – keep an eye on the shop section of this site!

Let’s Connect

Connect with me on social media; I’d love to chat.






Mim · 23/10/2015 at 10:04

Love your blog, Vicky, keep up the good work ha! Mim x

TEDDY · 21/12/2018 at 05:14

lovely , keep it up . desire to learn from you.

Wade wilson · 19/08/2019 at 09:29

Just heard you on LBC, I split from my ex-wife due to her being controlling and manipulative behaviour, and unfortunately my children are stuck with her and they are begging to come live with me. My concern is their upbringing now, having this kind of a mother, and how they will end up. Unfortunately sometimes the pendulum swings the other way where the father is a victim, as are women as I suspect in your case. Fathers are treated very differently to mothers, we do not get the support at all when trying to look after our children.
My ex is focused on money, but she gets a house paid for, plenty of maintenance, and I’m told I pay too much by other parents, and the money is not actually spent on the children. I buy clothes as the children always have shoes with holes, while she is constantly having holidays abroad and nights out leaving my children with her parents. She moved her partner in without discussing it with me or the children, they woke up in the night to find him in bed with her. I also gave her a business and paid for her qualifications twice. She is a meal ticket hunter.

Money is not my issue, i can make money, i cant protect them, due to the bias towards supporting the mother. Months later Cafcas are acknowledging what I had said but give up. They dont care about my children and their wishes and needs.
I just sick of hearing poor women when there is fathers like me fighting for our children but are failed by the system.

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