Scents have a significant psychological impact on a person’s mind as they are said to have a close link to memory and emotion. Science explains that a structure inside the brain, referred to as the limbic system, has a major function when it comes to managing mood, memory, behaviour, and emotion. What makes smell have such a strong effect on the mind is because scents can trigger nostalgic or meaningful memories, and people like to associate certain odours with certain feelings or moods. 
This is what makes scented candles so effective as a mood maker, as they can set up the ambience in the room through their design, lighting and scent alone. In these times, the anxieties and stresses from everyday life may start to pile up as you spend a majority of your time at home. Maintaining one’s mental health is now the priority for many individuals, with a lot of people giving out tips to take care of yourself. Perhaps with scented candles, you can supplement your self-care regimen while providing a nice aroma and atmosphere at home.
Scents to enhance your daily activities
A benefit to using scented candles is the soothing effect they can provide for your household. As a way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with the various stressors around you, having a relaxing scent around your room or home can help alleviate some negative emotions. When using the time to relax by sitting down and reading a book, having a scented candle in the room can help to add a serene atmosphere. The presence of scented candles can also enhance your experience when doing meditation or yoga. When doing work, chores, or exercise, a vibrant scent can also be a good source of motivation for your activities. With scentsational candles, being constantly surrounded by a sweet smelling aroma may also help curb any cravings for those who are on a diet or people who tend to stress eat.
Finding your fragrance
Here are some common and well-known scents you may be willing to try out if you’re looking for candles for your home. For those feeling tense or want a boost in confidence as you do your work, perhaps you’d like to try out an energising lemon scent. The scent of peppermint is a recommended choice for those who love to exercise, as its scent is said to help make you feel more lively. Meanwhile, a popular scent to help you sleep better is jasmine, so you may want to try placing a jasmine-scented candle in your bedroom, or light a candle in any room where you want to take a nap. Rose scents are said to be able to help you improve your memory, while a well-loved scent that can help reduce anxiety is the scent of lavender. 
Not every act of self-care has to be fancy or expensive. Even small and simple steps matter, as long as you are able to find relief and be able to improve your sense of wellbeing. If having a candle in your home interests you, may their soothing scents be able to provide some form of comfort to you in these stressful times.

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