Your kids have a lot of wants; children like the look of shiny, fun things, and taking them down the toy aisle when you head to the store can be touch and go! You want to be sure you buy the best things for your kids, you want to be sure you get value for money, and that your kids will actually use what you buy for them. 

All in all, you don’t want to waste any time or money here, and you want your child to learn something from the experience. Buying them a toy they’ll only use for a week or two and then throw in a box and forget about is one of the best ways to make you feel a little used and discouraged, as a loving and kind parent. 

But when it comes down to actually buying them something they’ll enjoy, and also last them a good amount of time to be worth it, you need to combine fun and practicality all in one. And that can be hard to do, of course, and that’s why we’ve put this post together for you! After all, a bit of inspiration never ever hurt anyone, and it’s free to give out. 

Their First Bike

Kids love to be active; they have a lot of energy, and they need various ways to get that energy out. And as a parent, you want them to tire themselves out before bedtime! 

So, why not buy them their very first bike? They’ll learn how to ride something that’ll get them from place to place in a short amount of time, and they won’t have to go anywhere near the road to get around either. Not to mention just how social biking can be; if you want your kids to learn something that’ll keep them moving and working their muscles, as well as help them make a few new friends in the area, this is a good starter present. 

A Desk for Their Room

Buying your child a desk might seem like an unnecessary use of money, seeing as they have a dining room or kitchen table to do their homework or read a book on, but it could be a good way to reach them via the use of an item. It’ll give them something to put in their room, that only they can use, and kids love to have something private and exclusive that no one else in the house has! 

A desk for their room will help them to feel grown up and mature, and it could be a good way to teach them how to keep their things neat and orderly. Not to mention the potential for putting a computer on it one day! 

A Comfy Pair of Shoes

Shoes are a big deal to kids; learning how to lace them, showing off their new kicks in the playground, etc. And even having to find them in the morning when you should have been out the door and off to school 10 minutes ago makes them a big deal to you too! You don’t want your kids to keep on losing their shoes, but the more complicated and boring they are in style, the less likely your children are to want to look after them. 

Which is why a comfy pair of shoes is a key gift to give to your kids. Converse shoes, for example, have a long history of both looking and feeling good on the feet, and they last a long time too. If your child likes to be stylish, or they pride themselves on wearing all kinds of outlandish things, a good pair of fun looking and fresh shoes could make them happy for a long time to come. 

A Camera to Use

As you can see in the picture above, a camera could be a very useful and fun present for you to give to your child. After all, it could be the basis of a hobby and a bit of healthy habit forming, and kids love to learn how to work technology. Not to mention just how grown up a camera looks; they’ll love to act a bit like their parents for the day! 

Buying something for your child might take a bit of work; they need to want to use it, and it needs to be value for your own money. So, combine the factors of fun and practicality, and you’ll get a dream present every time.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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