Being a parent can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to keeping children healthy. We all want our children to be healthy throughout their lives, and as a parent I see it as my responsibility to do everything I can to ensure that happens.

Here are a few kids’ health resources I use along the way:

Keeping a digital record of medical appointments

Abridge app

Visiting the doctor can be confusing, especially with children in tow. It can be hard to remember what the doctor has said if your attention has been split between a healthcare professional giving advice and a child trying to escape the doctor’s surgery for adventures! This app allows you to record your health care conversations and keep them safely so that you can always review them at a later date. That means you’ll know what you were advised, which medications were prescribed and when, and how often a particular illness has recurred.


I take a multivitamin every day, and I buy chewy vitamins for S too. She eats fruits and vegetables whenever possible, but I am never sure how much of her dinner she’s eaten at school each day. With a multivitamin I know she’s at least getting a base level of vitamins and fish oils each day, and then I don’t feel I need to worry so much about how many portions of vegetables she’s eaten each day.

Kids’ TV

When I was little, kids’ TV was cartoons and adventures… there’s still plenty of that these days too – but there are also some great shows that educate and inform children. I can tell S that eating this or that is good for her – but when one of her favourite TV personalities tells her, it seems to sink in more! A great show for this is Operation Ouch, because they seem to have the perfect balance of gory, gruesome content with informative, helpful information.


After school clubs

A key part of staying healthy is to be physically active. In a busy world it can be hard to engineer situations where children spend time running around freely – but after school clubs can be great for this. S does running club after school, and also goes to Beavers which tends to involve lots of going out for walks and general running around. This is great for keeping her healthy and active on a regular basis.

What resources do you use for your children’s health?

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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