Children require guidance and protection as they grow and discover more about themselves. However, as a parent, you may have noticed that these tots already have preferences that determine their likes and dislikes. From food and TV shows to clothing, they learn to come into their own by communicating what they want. According to data, this can start as early as age three when their cognitive processes start to kick in. By encouraging them, you help boost their confidence as they grow, and below are a few ways to do this. This can be a way to track their growth or changes in their young lives. 

  1. Let them choose their outfit…. but with guidance

Usually, by the age of three, young children may object to clothes their parents or guardians choose for them. While it’s true that what they want to wear may not exactly be appropriate, their objection is a sign of budding independence. More importantly, it indicates a young sense of style coming to the surface. As parents or guardians, it can be quite exhausting convincing your young one to wear clothes you feel are ideal.

If that happens, you can avoid this stress by guiding them to make better choices. For instance, if your four-year-old daughter wants to wear only a tutu on a frosty day, you can convince them by first getting them to understand that tutus and the cold weather are a complete mismatch. When they understand how cold it would be to bare their shoulders and legs, you can come to a compromise. How about helping them get into protective clothing and allowing them to match it with their favourite ballet hairpin? That would be a compromise both parties would be happy with.

  1. Present them with options

Giving your little one options is another way to develop their sense of style. When a child has a variety to choose from, you inadvertently teach them the importance of comparing and contrasting. According to child psychologists, most children will often make decisions based on what their peers wear. For example, when specific girls shoes are popular, your daughter may choose a hue that her peers are wearing. 

Experts say young children will not pick clothes just because the pieces are comfortable on their skin. On the contrary, they will make choices based on something identifiable. As a parent or guardian, this is your opportunity to learn more about your child’s preferences. It will also make it easy for you to purchase clothes they would love from the get-go. Hopefully, that would be one less fashion tantrum your child will likely throw when they aren’t enthused about something you got.

  1. Compliment their choice

The first thing you must know is that children, like everybody else, are eager for recognition, commendation, and acknowledgement. Be ready to give compliments on your child’s budding sense of style. While their future careers may have nothing to do with fashion, it indicates their ability to decide for themselves. The compliments you shower on them can become confidence boosters that urge them to do better the next time.

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