Selling your home is a real head-scratcher, a process that involves a brain-meltingly complex number of elements that feels almost purposely designed to alienate the layperson. 

But one aspect of selling your home is both very simple and very important – and it’s called ‘kerb appeal’.

But what exactly is kerb appeal? 

Essentially, this is the process of making the exterior of your home – or everything a prospective buyer can see from the kerb – as beautiful as possible. 

And with greater beauty comes an increased likelihood of selling your property for more than the asking price. 

But how exactly can you optimise the front of your home to lure in buyers like a fish on a hook? 

To help you out, we’ve put together these capsule tips to help you beautify the outside of your house and make it a high-flyer on the market. 

Upgrade your door

If you’ve lived at your property for a long time, chances are your front door looks worn out, dull and covered in chips and cracks. 

And if a potential buyer sees that door, they could very well assume that it’s indicative of the rest of your home. 

To stop a dodgy front door casting a shadow over the house-viewing experience, our recommendation is simple – buy a new one. 

There are plenty of door providers out there, but Oakwood Doors gets our vote every time thanks to its vast range and high-quality materials. 

Hey big render

You probably don’t give the exterior walls of your home much thought. But if they’re losing their lustre, then your house is more likely to let in moisture, and with moisture comes the dreaded twosome of damp and rot. 

So, give your house’s exterior walls a freshen up with some rendering. This process is similar to plastering, but for your outside walls. Once the process is finished, those walls will have a greater level of fireproof protection, be safeguarded from heavy rain, and will be less likely to erode.

But rendering can have an aesthetic benefit, too. Add a few colour pigments to your render, and the outside of your home will look incredibly stylish. 

Give your garden a going over

There’s no excuse for a poorly maintained garden, particularly if you’ve got house viewers arriving at to scour your nooks and crannies every day. 

If you’re far from green-fingered, then stick to the basics. That means a freshly cut and shaped lawn, neatly trimmed hedges, and a few plants dotted here or there. And if you want to get really fancy, we recommend a neat and unimposing water feature to add some flair to your front garden. 

Stay bright

Prospective house buyers aren’t a homogenous mass. Each of them has different expectations for their new home, and each will design it differently if they buy it. 

But very few want a house that’s drearier than a rundown tenement block. So keep things bright and cheerful. With these keywords rolling around your brain, you’ll sell your property in no time. 

Those are our tips for selling your home. Got any of your own? Then let us know in the comments below. 

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