There really is no other city like Canberra that you want to see that is so close and convenient with all of those things you can enjoy. In the morning you can take a walk to see the latest exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, while in the afternoon, enjoy a hike to Mount Ainslie that will reward you with unrivalled city views.

So if Canberra is a small stop on your trip to Australia or you plan to spend more than a week there, here are some great reasons why it is worth going to this city. But first let’s find out some important things about the capital of Australia.

Canberra is the capital of Australia, with 358,000 inhabitants is the largest city in mainland Australia and the eighth largest in the country. It was chosen as the capital because of the dispute between Melbourne and Sydney, and the design of the city emerged after a competition won by two architects from Chicago, USA. In Canberra, you will find the country’s Parliament, museums, institutes, national universities, and military academy. 

The locals consider as an essential activity for every visitor a car ride in the southern part of the city and in the places where the landing signs of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Namadgi park and kangaroo areas are placed. Travelling to the southern part of the city by car is truly one of the most intense experiences one can experience while travelling in Canberra. So search for a car hire from the city of Canberra through the company of Enjoy Travel and do this extraordinary route precisely as you should.

Canberra: The capital of culture

Civilization, museums or theatres? What are you looking for from this city? Whatever that thing is, Canberra will not disappoint you.

Canberra’s cultural attractions are located around Lake Burley Griffin, most of which are within walking distance of each other, which means that it is easy to check in with just a short stroll.

In addition, you can explore the arts and culture of the city for free. Almost all museums have free admission. In addition, many of Canberra’s top attractions offer free guided tours at set times each day, so be sure to make a note of them when planning your time in the capital.

Festivals and events

Canberra definitely does not need an excuse to celebrate. Dozens of exciting festivals take place every year in their entirety.

In September, the city hosts Floriade and Commonwealth Park organizes the festival with tens of thousands of blooming flowers adorning its entire length. If you want to see more of Australia’s diverse and endless fauna, consider taking a trip to Australia’s National Botanic Gardens.

March is also a busy month on the Canberra calendar of events. At this time of year, the skies around the city and the surrounding area are filled with colour for the annual Spectacular Balloon Canberra. It lasts nine days and is considered one of the biggest and best aviation events with balloons globally.

Food and wine

Canberra is full of award-winning restaurants and cafes and has a thriving food and wine scene. For those enjoying their wine, there are over 30 cellars within a 35-minute drive of Canberra. It also has a whiskey distillery and many small breweries that produce outstanding beers and cider. There is definitely something for every taste in the capital, whether we are talking about gastronomy or winemaking.

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