We love chalk markers in our house. I used to use them to leave funny little messages on our bathroom mirror… and then one day I realised that if they would work on the bathroom mirror, we could use them to decorate our windows!

For Halloween, we drew black bats and cats, and of course a witch on the living room window. S loved to see people stopping to look at our pictures as they passed. Now that Halloween is over, we’ve updated our window to feature leaves, a tree and a squirrel.

We live on a street with a lot of foot traffic, so it’s always nice to brighten their day a little – and it brightens our day when they stop and admire our handiwork!

Chalkola chalk markers are wet wipe markers that can be used on any non porous surface – so chalkboards, whiteboards, glass and ceramics.

The chalk dries quickly and is long lasting – we have left designs on our windows for months before, and they stayed put until we cleaned them off. The pens are non toxic and water based, and they wash off clothes easily.

Win a set of Chalkola markers

We currently have a giveaway running on Instagram where you can win a set of the Chalkola markers we’ve been using (pictured). Visit the Instagram post to enter. (Competition closes on Friday 13th November 2020)

You can buy your own set of Chalkola markers here

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