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If you haven’t considered crystal therapy before, the thought of using these beautiful stones to channel energy and promote healing might seem a little out there. But humankind have been using amulets and stones for millennia, whether in rituals, to ward off night terrors and purge evil spirits. They have been found on sites from Egypt, to Mexico, to China. Crystals are having a resurgence at the moment, with celebrities such as Lena Dunham, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Adele all claiming to use them and benefit from their healing properties. But what is crystal therapy, and how should it be used?

Firstly, if you are struggling with poor health, then crystal therapy can be used in conjunction with traditional therapy or medication, but not instead of. Always follow the advice of a doctor. You can look into at-home therapy and little changes you can make for self-care, especially during lockdown and the isolating times we are all living through. But, if you have been struggling with focus and negative energy, crystal therapy might be something to try as well.

What is it and how does it work?

Crystal therapy is the practice of maintaining contact with crystals or placing them in locations near you in your home so they can provide positive energy and divert negative energy. The belief is that the stones will individually communicate with the energy flow of the human body, and help realign any energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of energy around the body. Specific stones have different attributes, and have been said to aid with digestion, detoxifying, depression, anxiety and grief.    

The stones can connect to the chakras, the energy points around the body and help alleviate any blockages or points of tension within these.

So which stones should you use?

Clear Quartz

This is an ideal crystal to start with – it is a simple yet stunning stone that provides clarity for your flow of energy and, some have said, also your digestion. This crystal can regulate energy by storing, regulating, and releasing it to improve your energetic thoughts. You can use a clear quartz alone, or alongside other crystals to enhance their healing powers.


This crystal is perfect if you feel a bit stuck and are looking for crystals for new beginnings. Particularly during this time, you might feel like you need to start again and hit refresh on certain aspects of your life. Amazonite has been said to bring success, promote creativity, and give you hope.

Tiger’s Eye

If what you’re looking for is a little motivation, tiger’s eye is the stone for you. It can help rid you of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt – so perfect for these trying times. It has also been said to help guide you to harmony, and in the making and conscious decisions.

 If you’re unsure, or a beginner, then have a look at our list to get you started. Just remember to check where you get your crystals from, as some are not sourced ethically.

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