Mental health issues are on the rise and this is largely down to the pressures in today’s society. We live in a world fuelled by social media and the desire to look and do better that we forget that we have enough in our lives already and we should not continue to compare ourselves to others. With the pressures of work and finances looming at such a young age, our society today has bred a generation of depressed and anxious youngsters and mental health is at the forefront. It is a very difficult situation and issue to combat quickly, but the statistics of overuse of prescription drugs is on the rise and the need for more rehabilitation services is also on the rise.

If you have experienced some type of addiction, to a prescription drug or on the market drug, then it is important to start addressing the issue and getting help for the issue. There are plenty of services to aid you with your problems, who will not judge and are there to assist whether your addiction is tablets or alcohol there is something for everyone at Lots of people today drink over the recommended average per week. If you are regularly drinking and this includes over 14 units of alcohol a week, it can cause some long term damage to your liver and general health. Anything above this is classed as dangerous and it must be addressed. Asking for help may feel out of reach and there may be a worry that you are burdening people by explaining your problems, however it is vital that you can get the help you need before things become worse.

Depression Among Children

Social Media has become one of the major factors for depression among younger children and teens. Curated photo feeds make girls feel as if they are not worthy, not beautiful enough or not achieving what others are and it can feel as if they are , if you feel this could be your child, it is important to have them seek out the help they need and this probably seems from you. Depression among children may be harder to spot, but look for how they behave around you, what their social life is like, if they have lost interest in any hobbies or school work and if they seem withdrawn or addicted to social media. Giving your children some stability and talking to them about their fears and worries may be difficult but is a necessity. 
Mental health can have a backlash on your physical health if you do not listen to your problems. Lots of sleeping issues, digestion problems, migraine issues can be caused by anxiety and stress and this can in turn affect those around you. If you feel you have any of the symptoms, you can check your symptoms online to see when it may be time to start seeking help – Don’t suffer in silence.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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