Being a new mom comes with a lot to handle. You have to take care of the baby, take care of yourself and keep things organized around the house. As if this is not enough to deal with, having a baby comes with a few extra expenses. 

If you are a stay at home mom, then these simple side gigs would do the trick and help you earn that extra cash. Working from home allows you to spend time with your baby while making some good money. 

Here are stay at home jobs you can give a try:


Starting a blog is a proven method of earning money while staying at home. The only things you need to start your blogging career are a website and a good internet connection. As a mom, there are many things you can blog about – mom tips, food, self-care, stress management and so much more.

Starting a blog is easy, as you can have your website running in no time. You do not need any knowledge of coding. Using a host is the cheaper option as it will cost you less than 5 dollars. You may also opt to pay someone about $5,000 to design a fancy website for you, but that would be an expensive way to go.

Advertising and promoting people’s products is how you earn via blogs. So the higher the number of viewers you have, the better it is for your blog.


If you have a keen eye and would easily spot grammatical errors, then proofreading would be a great gig for you. You can actually make a 6 figure earning out of proofreading. You can take online proofreading courses to sharpen your skills.

Most websites have no requirements other than passing a proofreader’s test. Some proofreading websites, however, require that an individual have a diploma or an undergraduate degree.  

Become a Social Media Manager

Do you enjoy sharing content with others via social media? Are you always checking updates on Twitter or Facebook? If so, then you can turn this into a money-making venture.

Many companies require a social media presence, and since they are busy with business, they usually hire a social media manager to get the work done. You can earn around $25 per hour for doing this.

You can always get the work done even with your newborn baby. All you are required to do is to create a social media plan for the company and update their social platforms. Start by offering your services to small companies, then – to eventually larger businesses.

Teach English Online

If you are a native English speaker or you have a degree, then you are considered to be qualified. You can apply for teaching Chinese children the English language. Your chances of being hired are higher if you have a TOEFL certificate.

This job is flexible, and this is something that any mom would appreciate. Working, therefore, does not come in between managing things around the house and spending time with your kid. Some websites to check out are VIPkid and Qkids.

Creating an Affiliate Marketing Site for Casinos

Affiliate market refers to the use of third party websites to promote services or products. The affiliate marketers, in turn, get a commission for the traffic they help generate. Affiliate marketing is used for various products such as items sold on Amazon and services such as transcription, writing, proofreading and many more.

In the online gambling sector, many people use affiliates too to promote their activities. Affiliate marketing works best for casinos because tracking is simple, and payment is based on performance. Ace Revenue is an example of an affiliate site worth looking into, especially if you have a website that gets some traffic. 

Successful affiliates often have good reputations, and advertising on their websites is something many casinos do to build their reputation. According to OnlineCasinoGems, Planet 7 has an affiliate program that may need some affiliates to improve its reputation. This is a great opportunity for a stay-at-home mom.

Planet 7 uses Ace Revenue Affiliates. With the Planet 7 affiliate program, one earns via revenue share or CPA deals. New affiliates begin with the revenue share model. Affiliates start with a 30% rate for commissions monthly paid for inviting five players. If you manage to invite 50 players monthly, then you receive a 45% rate for commissions per month.

Affiliates interested in the CPA deals are usually required to contact their affiliate manager.  With Planet 7 Casinos, an individual can earn by inviting affiliates. This program gives you the option of controlling the speed of your payments. With such an affiliate program, you can earn a good amount of money by inviting a large number of people.

Make Money Transcribing   

Can you type fast? If you are good at typing large volumes of words in a short period, then transcribing is definitely for you. In transcription, you listen to an audio or video clip and type it out as a word document.

Medical transcription is the highest paying form, with one earning as much as $60 hourly. In case you have your GED, you need to take the Certified Documentation Health Specialist exam and get your certificate. Now you can start working from home.

Transcription may not be as basic as being a social media manager and is more involving but is entirely worth it. It is also flexible. You can sign up on GoTranscript or

Sell Photographs Online                   

Is photography one of your hobbies? Do you enjoy capturing random moments on the camera? If you do, then this would work perfectly for you. You can take out your camera at any time.

Capture beautiful pictures of your baby, places you visit, and people’s happy moments then sell them on sites like Adobe stock. Many websites pay for photos to use on their blogs, so you will always have a market.  

You can earn as much as $50 to $100 selling photos. 

Final Take

The seven methods above are a great way to contribute to the family income. While some require a lot of commitment, they can all be done in between feeding the baby, playing with them, or serving their other needs.

Other extra things you can do include selling craft on Etsy, dog walking, babysitting other children, caregiving for older people, or freelance writing. Pick something that you love and turn it into a cash-making opportunity.

Practice makes perfect. These skills, therefore, are polished over some time. Do not shy away from taking the first step. Being a stay-at-home mom does not have to be boring! Pick a job and make the most out of your time.

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