The next time you fancy a city break and are unsure of where to go my suggestion is that you take a look at Vienna. As you will see, this relatively small city packs a lot in.

Vienna is truly a city of culture

The city of Vienna has 100 museums, 26 major art galleries, 3 main opera houses and several large performance spaces. So, unsurprisingly, if you love the arts there is plenty for you to see and do during your stay.

Vienna Opera Tickets are not hard to get a hold of online. So you can easily organise things, so that you can enjoy a night at the opera during your stay. Surprisingly, for most performances, there is no dress code. You will see people wearing everything from black tie and evening dresses to jeans and a shirt. So, you need not worry about not being able to fit something that is suitable to wear into your suitcase.

Every year, the city hosts several festivals. They are growing all the time, with each one becoming more eclectic. So, even if you have visited the city during one of these festivals, in the past it is well worth doing so again. 

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Vienna has a sense of humour

But, don’t let the above lead you to think that the city is posh and stuffy. It is far from that. The Viennese appreciate the arts, but they are always forward-looking and like to have fun. For example, one of its major museum buildings has an upside-down house embedded into one edge of the building. It literally looks like the house has fallen from the sky. It is a great piece of tongue-in-cheek modern art.

There is also a thriving comedy scene in the city. It is currently home to many budding stand-up comedy stars. Including a lot of them that regularly perform in English, which is a great way for the comic to reach a larger audience. So, if you are at a loose end one evening you can usually find a stand-up show to attend.

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

Viennese food is simply wonderful

When people think of the great food cuisines of the world, Vienna is usually not on the list. But, maybe it should be. The Viennese like, good, simple food that has been properly cooked and served. The city’s cooks pay attention to every detail to produce tasty dishes to suit all palates.

As of 2019, the city has 15 Michelin star restaurants. So, if fine dining is your thing, book yourself a meal in one or two of them. You can find out more about what each of them has to offer by clicking this link.

But, don’t confine yourself to just fine dining. Take the time to enjoy a proper Viennese breakfast and experience some of the city’s café culture. Coffee has been served in the city since around about the mid-1600s. So, as you will see, the Viennese know how to make the perfect cup of coffee and better still cake too. Forget the diet and indulge in coffee and cake in one of the city’s older cafes. There are several that have been open for a hundred years, or more.

The above is just a hint of what this fantastic European capital has on offer. It is a city that is constantly evolving and improving. So, you could visit Vienna for decades and still not experience all of its delights.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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