When it comes to our children, the primary and primal necessity is to ensure their safety. It’s at the forefront of our minds and will be forever. It’s understandable that certain activities and environments should be left off limits to kids. In recent years, even dressers—a seemingly innocuous piece of furniture, came into the fray as a potentially dangerous thing to have in the home. The need to protect will always be with us, but we also have to make certain compromises so that our kids can be healthy, active, engaged, and curious. Enter: The Nursery Gym. We’ve all seen them. If you have your own kids, you’ve most likely played inside one in your own youth before the takeover of consumer technology. But are they safe? Let’s explore some of the criticism and benefits of this classic staple of indoor play.

Peace of Mind  

Mitigating risk is a must in most households. It is almost unbearable at times having to think of all the possible things we must make soft, or blunt, or smooth. Indoor fencing, taped up corners, plastic vases are all new staples of the safe home. But before we start putting rubber ends on forks, consider that a child needs to learn how to move in their environment. And many parents are choosing to keep their children inside, either through lack of time to go to a public place, or for environmental reasons. The obvious choice is to have them active in the home. Nursery gyms ensure that a child physically develops well, using all that energy that young ones have. Climbing small obstacles and experiencing sizable slides can keep children occupied long enough without risking them pulling out plates from the top of the cupboard. They’re exactly where you know they are, have well trained and experienced personnel on call, and every potential variable that goes through your head can be accounted for. It’s a safe environment controlled by you, after all.

Fighting Childhood Obesity 

Just as important as keeping the kids occupied is giving you, the parent, some time for yourself. The major advantage of having a safe means by which your children can expend their excess energy is that they sleep like, well, a baby. Even more exciting, Nurseries by Gymfinity have setups that make adults exhausted just by looking at them. If a grownup had to climb up a set of stairs, slide down, go through tunnels, jump to touch targets, they’d might as well join an obstacle run. All of this in a controlled environment we can see and review at any time. That’s the beauty of having kids go to these places. It makes for space, exercise, safe engagement with others, and most of all, peace of mind.

Current standards and practices for any environment with kids calls for constant adult supervision, a safe physical environment, and constant disinfection. With parents having more and more demands around all aspects of care, nursery gyms can’t afford to slack off when it comes to ensuring everything is perfect in their space. That’s the core of their business model and anything that compromises that would affect it. Also, in this day and age of social media, no rock goes unturned. So aside from being a great way to keep one’s kids from the spiral of technology addiction, it is an excellent way to free up time and keep your young ones active and healthy. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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