One hundred and ninety-five countries came together in Paris in 2016 to sign an accord for climate change. Forged under the framework of the United Nations, the pact makes signatories liable to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Parties are now eager to introduce measures that reduce pressure on natural resources and mitigate the threat of climate change due to global warming. Energy efficiency is one instrument for reducing emissions. The British Geological Society defines it as instances where less energy is used to produce the same level of energy. This is implementable from a minimal to large scale level. 

Here’s how individual homemakers can take the initiative by choosing energy-efficient windows and doors.

Energy-efficient materials

Wood has a relatively lower insulation value despite being very common in residential settings. They absorb heat and result in a loss of cooling. But don’t think energy efficiency means you have to compromise on the aesthetics. Online Door Store has a vast collection you can lift through. At the same time some materials obstruct heat conduction by keeping the outdoor temperature out. In winter, doors can prevent a loss of heat from inside the house. Essentially, the door acts as a seat between the house and external temperatures. Fibreglass has a great insulating value because it conducts heat and electricity poorly. Not only that, but the material is also weather-resistant and can withstand some pretty harsh climatic conditions. Vinyl’s energy efficiency is second to fibreglass, and it acts as an excellent thermal insulator, maintain the temperature in houses and building. 

The conundrum of panes

Windows are notorious for wasting energy. It is not possible to do without them either as they let it sunshine and fresh air in good weather. How is this to be resolved? Only by upgrading your windows into energy-efficient ones. Multi-pane windows are a better insulator than single-pane videos. There are also double pane windows which have a gas-filled inside for greater insulation. The problem can also be used externally by buying clear glass with low emission coating. External drapes are also useful for preventing energy loss and protection from extreme weather. This would be a one-time investment that could cut down electricity costs massively. Moreover, it is sustainable, and you’ll be doing your part to prevent further global warming. 

Weather stripping 

In case you want to insulate your house better but cannot afford to replace doors and windows, you can reinforce the ones you already have. This can be done by weather stripping. In this process, you seal your doors and windows to improve their insulation value. You will need to assess your windows or doors to check what are points for heat and energy loss. The material for weather stripping varies from each homemaker’s requirements. Foam and felt are cheap and easy to apply, but metals are more durable and go a long way. Other materials are also available depending upon the level of insulation you need.

Vicky Charles

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