All the way back to the Roman times, London has been an important European city and over the years it has only grown in influence and diversity. A combination of history, classic British charm, as well as international influence guarantee that you’ll have a well-rounded and enjoyable vacation in London. But why have just a regular vacation when you have the opportunity to find local professional photographers in London to do a unique photo shoot using the top sites of the city? To give you some ideas, here are a few of the top attractions of the capital of England.

Big Ben

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When it comes to city landmarks, it’s difficult to get more iconic than Big Ben. This historic clocktower still keeps the time and is the perfect place to include in your vacation photo shoot if you want to truly capture a symbol of London.

Right next to Big Ben are the Houses of Parliament, another great place to visit if you’re in London and want to view some of the historic sites of the city.

Buckingham Palace

All of London has a slightly royal quality to it, and nowhere is this more evident than at Buckingham Palace. This lavish palace built in 1837 has acted as the residence for the Royal Family and is also a popular spot for tourists to visit. Make sure you don’t miss the 11:30am Changing of the Guard, which is always a dramatic and exciting spectacle to witness. You can ask local professional photographers in London about the best ways to include the Buckingham Palace in your photo shoot of London.

Trafalgar Square

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One of London’s best-known sites, this square was constructed to honor the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar where Lord Horatio Nelson defeated the French and Spanish armies. The central monument of the square is Nelson’s Column, a magnificent granite structure 183 feet in height and dedicated to Lord Horatio Nelson. 

Westminster Abbey

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The official name of Westminster Abbey is the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, which was originally constructed around 1065. While it has been renovated and expanded, the classic historic charm of the building remains, making it one of the top tourist sites in London. Sometimes various important events, even Royal Weddings, are held at the Abbey, while at other points its simply open for visitors and photographers to come and marvel at the amazing architecture and beautiful design. 

Maybe you’re coming to London for a Christmas vacation, or perhaps you’ve been planning a summer trip with friends. Whatever the reason or time of year, London has endless places to explore for a fun and memorable time. With a local professional photographer like the ones from Localgrapher, you’ll have the added advantage of coming away from your trip with a set of professional photographs, as well as getting insight and advice from a local during your time in London. You won’t want to forget a single moment of your trip, and with quality photographs you can rest assured that all the important moments will be preserved in clear detail.

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