There are many motorists who do not really appreciate the importance of car tyres. Firstly, tyres link the car and the road, thus supporting the entire car’s weight. They sustain the directional and steering control, and provide grip for acceleration and braking. In addition, they help to absorb shocks on the roads. You should therefore make sure that your car tyres are always road friendly. Below are some measures, precautions, and actions you need to take to ensure that your car tyres are fit enough to be on the roads:

Check tyre tread regularly

For your car to grip the road, break, or stop, it relies on the tread on the tyres. The tyre tread therefore contributes immensely to your safety. The law states that tread depth should not go below 1.6 millimetres. To be on the safe side of the law, and for your own safety, have your tyre tread checked regularly. 

Look out for external tyre damage

Tyres can be damaged externally by sharp objects, potholes, and kerbs on the roads. Tyres are not safe when they have even the slightest damage. Have them checked at least fortnightly and any damage dealt with immediately. If tyre damage deteriorates it could lead to fatalities.

Check the tyre pressure daily

Car tyres should be properly inflated at all times. Over inflated tyres are dangerous as they can overheat and cause poor handling of the car on the road or a burst tyre. Under inflated tyres cause fuel inefficiency, premature aging of tyres, and in the worst case scenario, a tyre blowout. It is advisable to check tyre pressure daily before setting out.

Carry out tyre rotation occasionally

Tyres wear out at different rates depending on the position they are at. One great way of ensuring that your tyres wear out evenly is rotating them. Rotation also reduces vibration and noise levels, ensuring that your ride is safe and smooth.

Balance the tyres when necessary

With time, the tyres of your car may become unbalanced. Signs of unbalanced tyres include pulling to one side, wobbling, and uncomfortable vibrations. Unbalanced tyres are unsafe and can also cause uneven tyre wear and premature wear of the steering and suspension components. Take your car for tyre balancing immediately you notice these signs. 

Replace worn-out tyres immediately

The law requires you to replace tyres when the tread reaches 1.6 millimetres. However, sometimes they have to be replaced regardless of the tread depth as the rubber cracks and deteriorate with age. In addition, your driving style, road conditions, mileage of the tyres, and the car’s use can determine the rate of wear and tear of tyres.

The importance of car tyres cannot be overemphasised. If you want to protect and maintain them, you must proactively check their condition and take the necessary measures. By so doing, your tyres will always be road friendly and you will be assured of a peaceful, safe, and sound drive. For a wide range of good quality, long lasting car tyres in London visit Iverson Tyres Autocentre branch today or book your tyres online now!

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