Tummy Tuck & Future Pregnancy

Motherhood can be a handful for those unaware of its impact. Not to say it’s a bad thing – starting a family is beautiful, and often the most fulfilling thing one can experience. Holding your little one (or ones) in your arms, watching them grow from pint-size to “no more piggybacks” in almost a blink of an eye is too much for words. But, with pregnancy, you also get certain issues in return. Your body might not be what it used to be, you feel aged when the stress comes in, and often are left wanting the body of yesteryear.

Whether you had babies early, or in your later years, you may feel unhappy with your post-baby figure, and find gaining your old physique a little out of reach. Not to worry, see there are methods to getting that former tone of yours back. Many go under-the-knife for such results, and for good reason. Mommy makeovers and tummy tucks are popular surgical procedures requested time and time again.

However, a growing concern to those who may have started a family already lies in this tummy tuck procedure. Mothers that may have had a tummy tuck before question whether it affects future pregnancies if they decide to bear again. Let’s take a closer look at what a tummy tuck does.

What exactly is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty if you want to be fancy, is a surgical procedure for the loose or extra skin on your stomach or tummy. Many types of this procedure exist, though most are invasive yet safe enough to carry out. Keep in mind that not just any person can get a tummy tuck if they feel like it. Careful consideration goes into candidacy before this surgery can be performed.

Tummy tucks involve cutting a person between their pubic hairline and belly button. The skin and underlying tissue are pulled down like a window shade and the cut is then closed, and this is as simple as one can put it. However, this simplified explanation gives you an idea about what to expect from this procedure. Ultimately, don’t forget that surgeons design this procedure to tighten a person’s muscles while removing excess skin and fat from their abdominal area. This can provide you with a flat and toned stomach area!

The Reason Women get Tummy Tuck

There are differing reasons why anyone would get a tummy tuck, really. Though regaining your pre-baby body is one, other reasons include excess skin removal after weight loss and aesthetic goals. However, tummy tucks also have medical benefits. This procedure can correct problems caused by stress urinary incontinence. Tummy tuck can also address a person’s posture. This will help their backs to experience less pain when they walk or move.

Surgeons also use tummy tucks to heal ventral hernia. This condition happens when the intestine or abdominal tissues push through an abdominal wall. Once this happens it will form a pocket or sack within a person’s stomach. A tummy tuck bears similarities to the treatment process used to fix this problem — killing two birds with one stone.

Tummy Tuck and Pregnancy

Pregnancy stretches a  woman’s stomach to far limits. Carrying a baby swells the skin, lineage, and muscles in this area. After birth, a woman’s body will take time to return to its pre-birth state. However, this does not always happen. Most bodies don’t go back to its former glory. As a result, many mothers are left with sagging skin, weakened muscles, and fatty tissue. Not to mention the baby weight put on, which is also a stubborn issue to address.

While tummy tucks are effective for eliminating excessive tissue from the stomach, one should not use it as a weight loss method after pregnancy. Actually, we would have to be within 10-pounds of their pre-pregnancy weight to qualify for a tummy tuck. Those considering this should also wait at least 6 months after giving birth before undergoing this process.

Concerns and Risks

Like with any surgery, those interested in tummy tuck have concerns. Women who get this procedure are prone to developing an infection and scarring in the midsection of their body. Though rare, adverse reactions to the anesthesia may happen and damage their underlying systems or organs. However, choosing the right doctor to do this operation lowers any risk and concerns you may have. During a tummy tuck consultation, talk to the specialist over any worries associated with this procedure before going further.

Will a Tummy Tuck keep me from having another baby?

You’ll be glad to hear that no, a tummy tuck won’t block your future pregnancy plans. Plastic surgeons recommend that a woman wait at least a year to a few years before she has a child after the surgery. This will allow time for a body to fully heal from giving birth for optimal results.

However, those who get a tummy tuck surgery and get pregnant again might have to consider a second surgery after pregnancy. Some women might not want to endure two tummy tucks. A consideration to keep in mind is one should avoid having too many surgeries performed in the same area of their body. But without going over limits, it’s perfectly fine to have another baby after a tummy tuck.
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