Davina McCall has a new workout dvd on the shelves; it was released on Christmas eve and I couldn’t wait to try it out. This time my 6-year-old joined in with me, which was fun.

I reviewed Davina’s dvd Toned In 10, this time last year and have enjoyed using it through the year. In this one she uses the same trainer, Sarah Gorman, as Toned in 10. I think Davina is now 51 – and she looks amazing, so she must be doing something right! I know she’s also been working on becoming an instructor too, and I was interested to see, after so many dvds, how she could make this one fresh and different.

Davina Power Box and Tone: Format

This dvd has 8 sections:

Warm up
Core & glute activation
Hook and upper cut
Combo box
Cool down/stretch
Morning gratitude

Each workout is around ten minutes, and as Davina mentions in the intro, the warmup itself is quite intense so if you’re a beginner that might be enough on its own!

I’ll be honest: I was wondering how you could make an entire workout dvd about boxing that wasn’t just one boxing routine followed by… another boxing routine with slightly different moves. This dvd is different because it splits the boxing into different types of moves.

The Jab workout focuses only on the jab/cross move and variations of this – it’s tough and it hurts! Likewise, the Footwork section is based mostly on legs – and that one hurts too!

Here is the trailer for the dvd which gives a good idea of the exercises:

How Effective is Davina Power Box and Tone?

The workouts are certainly high energy, and I’ve been sore after doing them! I think how effective it is depends on how fit you are already. If you’re super unfit, the warmup on its own could well be all you need to get more fit and active.

If you’re a little more fit, I do think you’ll still benefit from doing these workouts because they involve a lot of jumping and moving around.

When I’ve reviewed workout dvds before people have come to me saying they are already quite fit and found the workouts too easy. I feel like if you’re so fit that these exercises are not effective for you, you’re probably not the target audience!

There are of course ways to make a workout harder; you can wear weighted gloves or jump more when doing the moves etc.

Personally, both I and my six-year-old found these workouts plenty tough enough and we were both very tired when we finished! (S complained her arms were tired before we finished the warmup!)

Do you need equipment for Davina Power Box and Tone?

Possibly my favourite thing about this dvd is that you don’t really need equipment for the workouts. You might want a mat for the core work or the Morning Gratitude section, and in her intro Davina notes that you can wear weighted gloves if you like – but really you only need yourself, and a space big enough to take a couple of steps in either direction.

Morning Gratitude in an exercise dvd?

I absolutely love the Morning Gratitude section of this dvd. It’s a short yoga-type flow led by Davina rather than her trainer. She takes us through some stretching and then lists the things she’s grateful for. I think that’s a brilliant start to the day.

What’s the best part of Davina Power Box and Tone?

The workouts! I love that these workouts are really easy to do in a small space. Some of the exercises are tricky to master if you lack coordination – but I feel like that gives you somewhere to go with it, and a way to progress with the workouts.

Are there any low points in Davina Power Box and Tone?

For me the low point of this dvd is the core & glute section. The rest of the dvd seems to be quite entry level and accessible for people who’ve not done much exercise before. The core & glute section begins with an exercise I would consider to be quite advanced.

Final Thoughts

I am enjoying working my way through these workouts; they’re challenging and engaging and I feel like I’m improving already. I would say these are great for anyone who wants to exercise but can’t get out for a run or to the gym.

Thanks for reading.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Tanita · 04/01/2019 at 07:47

I love davina, these workouts sound great and you are right she looks amazing. It’s nice to be able to do workouts from home too. X

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