If you have a congested office balcony, then you probably know how exasperating it can be to constantly look at a space that is cluttered. A congested balcony can make you feel very claustrophobic and sit out there may just be an absolute put off. If you’re wondering how to decongest your office balcony, we have some interesting suggestions for you. You can use these tips and ideas to make sure that your balcony looks more spacious and roomy. Here’s everything you need to know:

Clear Out Clutter From Your Balcony

The first step towards making your balcony look more roomy and spacious is to make sure that you get rid of all the unnecessary clutter in the area. If you have too many chairs, or you have plants growing out of control, or you even have old newspapers and magazines piled up outside, you need to clear out all of this stuff. The more the clutter in the balcony, the more the balcony look congested and unappealing.

Install Faux Plants And Trees Instead Of Real Ones

Another thing that you can do to prevent congestion in your balcony is installed faux plants instead of real ones. Artificial outdoor plants and trees occupy limited space, and you can get them in sizes that suit your office balcony. Further, faux plants don’t grow so they won’t require regular cutting and trimming. In the case of real plants that grow, if the plants aren’t regularly trimmed and cut, they will begin to fill up your balcony and make it look stuffy and congested. You can opt for plastic ivy leaves for the wall because plants that are installed on the walls will not end up consuming too much of the open areas of the balcony. If you have a relatively large balcony, you can install large artificial trees in the corner of your balcony. Small-sized plastic plants for the garden are also a fantastic and minimal space occupying option for your office balcony.

Get Rid Of Excess Furniture And Keep Only Size Appropriate Furniture

A small balcony has limited space. If you are going to try and squeeze in 6 chairs and a long table in a tiny balcony, it will most definitely look congested. You can install a small wooden four-seater table along with appropriately sized yet comfortable chairs. Some people even opt for a table for two in their office balconies. You can have the table attached to the wall of your balcony to further reduce the space consumption and to make sure that your balcony doesn’t look congested.

Space Saving Furniture For Your Office Balcony

Another great option to avoid congestion in your office balcony is installing space saving the furniture. Nowadays, one can get tons of collapsible table options, foldable chairs and other such space saving furniture items that can be stacked away neatly when not in use. These furniture options are suitable for offices that have tiny balconies. If you want to make sure that your office balcony looks spacious and roomy, then you should definitely invest in some space saving furniture.

Use Neutral Colours For The Balcony Walls

If you want your balcony to look spacious and decongested, you should consider using neutral colors and light paints for your balcony walls. White, beige, tan, off-white and other such colours are ideal for your balcony walls. Lighter colored paints always make the balcony look much bigger and more spacious. If you opt for dark colours, the office balcony will end up looking smaller and feeling like a very congested space.

Install String Lights And Mood Lights In Your Balcony

Instead of occupying space in your balcony with big and gaudy lamps and lighting structures, you can install string lights, rice lights and mood lights in your balcony. String lights and mood lights end up taking up limited space and give your balcony a decongested feel. If you’re looking to give your balcony a slightly Asian vibe, you can even install Japanese hanging lanterns in your balcony.

A Wall Mounted Bar Is More Suited For Your Office Balcony

If the office balcony is a space where you often sit for a drink with clients at the end of the day, then you will definitely require a small bar on your balcony. The thing about installing a bar in your balcony is that it will end up occupying a large amount of space. Instead of going in for a traditional style bar, you can opt for a small wall mounted bar (popularly known as a Murphy bar). A wall mounted bar will reduce any congestion in your balcony and get the job done in limited space consumption.

Cushions For Balcony Seating

If your balcony is really tiny and it doesn’t quite have space for chairs, you can consider getting large-sized floor cushions. The floor cushions can be used as seating arrangements when you’re sitting with people in the office balcony. The best part about using cushions as seating arrangements is that the cushions can easily be stacked away neatly when they are not in use. This will prove to be far more space saving and effective in a tiny balcony.

Converting your congested balcony into a space saving one can be very simple and is very much possible. You just need to be creative and practical about the amount and type of furniture and accessories that you install in the area. Opt for space saving furniture, install faux plants and trees and if you absolutely must have real plants in your balcony, you can opt for vertical or hanging gardens so that limited space is consumed.

Do you wish to transform your congested and stuffy balcony into a spacious and roomy one? All you need to do is incorporate the unique tips and space-saving suggestions that we have for you into your existing balcony. These tried  and tested ideas will transform your balcony into a stunning and spacious one.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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