What are Moj Moj squishy toys?

Moj Moj is the brand new, collectable squishy toy with a difference. Instead of the traditional numbered series, this Moj Moj series is called …


Moj Moj toys are the new blind bag craze

S loves the anticipation and surprise involved in blind-bag collectables like these so she was delighted to receive something new and a little bit different. She immediately picked up on the fact the series didn’t have a number like other toys and found it hilarious that there was a smiley face instead of a number.

I like the design of the packets; it’s simple and not too fussy, but it’s also a little different and unusual enough to be engaging for small people.


S did have a little trouble opening the bag, and I helped a little.

What is inside a Moj Moj squishy toys blind bag?

Inside each pack you get two little squishy characters, wrapped inside of the collector’s guide.


S loved her Moj Moj toys immediately: They’re so squishy!

To me they seemed as if they may be a little too squishy and prone to injury – but S has been squishing these non-stop since she opened them and *touch wood* they have been fine so far.

Because they are so squishy, Moj Moj toys are easy to balance on top of each other, which seems to be a favourite way to play with them.


How many Moj Moj squishy toys are there?

There are over 95 unique Moj Moj to collect and trade. To me it seems this may mean it is unlikely you’ll end up with a lot of “doubles” which can become an issue with blind bag toys. 

Is there a limited edition Moj Moj toy?

There are several limited edition, rare and ultra-rare must-have Moj Moj – the sort of thing that really appeals to a younger audience.

Moj Moj family groups

The Moj Moj characters include family groups such as Adventure Seekers, Party Animals, Couch Potatoes, Happy Campers, Sun Bathers and Day Dreamers. This is exactly the sort of thing children love to learn and quickly gain expert status in. I fear this is a key factor when it coms to popular children’s collectables – as long as the parents don’t quite understand, children are sure to love it!


Moj moj toys: the verdict

We love Moj Moj squishy toys! Despite the fact they are clearly not aimed at me, I find them compulsively squishable – and so does S! They’re like stress balls or something; great for squeezing while you’re mulling something over.

Where to buy Moj Moj squishy toys

Moj Moj are available from The Entertainer. At the time of writing they are priced at £4. 

As I have mentioned in previous “blind bag” product reviews, it is easy to dismiss them as “too expensive” – but with blind bag toys it’s as much about the excitement and experience of opening the package as it is about the actual toy. Children love to collect things like this and love the anticipation and surprise of opening them. They love to tick them off in their collector’s guide as much as they love to play with them. For me, this makes them worth the money.

Disclosure: we received this item in exchange for a review but all words and opinions are our own.

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