Review: LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise


S is a big fan of LOL Surprise dolls; we’ve reviewed some on the blog before. We were both quite excited to review the new LOL Surprise! Pearl Surprise.


Unlike other LOL Surprise! products we’ve reviewed before, the package for this was quite large! But who could mistake the LOL logo on the front, and the promise of what was to come.

Instead of a plastic ball, this one is a plastic shell, which you need a bit of adult help to open. Once you’ve taken the lid off, you have several small surprises inside.


Each small ball has an item of clothing or accessory in it. This really spreads the fun out; S took quite a while in opening each individual ball to see what was inside.

Once the six smaller balls were open, we took off the tray to reveal the main event:


Now this is where it got fun! The shell was encased in a layer of plastic, which again required adult intervention. Rather handily, the large shell is designed to sit inside a round support on the lid so that it’s sturdy. I thought it would be a great idea to fill the shell with water, and use this to fizz away our fizz shell. This is because I did not read the instructions, which clearly state you should use at least three litres of water. Note: you’re also advised not to add this to the bath.

Here’s what happened next:

That’s a really short video, because I had to stop recording and go fetch some cloths from the kitchen! The moral of the story is: read the instructions properly, no matter how much your small person is begging to be allowed to open it!

The fizz shell took a few minutes to dissolve in the water; S sat very still to watch the entire process.


The shell fizzed like a giant bath bomb, turning the water a beautiful, peachy colour. S was entranced. Eventually all of the outer shell fizzed off, leaving a turquoise, plastic shell.

This was the moment S had been waiting for, and she wasted no time in opening her final shell to reveal her surprise.


The shell contained three bags, which had an LOL doll, an LOL lil sister and a bottle. Most exciting for S is that when you put the doll in freezing cold water, you get a surprise! (I won’t tell you what it is for fear of spoiling the surprise for you!) Here are the dolls with their accessories:


The dolls and Lil Sisters contained in the Pearl Surprise packages are limited edition, which is one of several reasons these are proving to be very popular. These retail at £29.99 so they’re not cheap, but I think with LOL dolls, as much as buying a small doll with accessories, you’re buying the experience of opening it and discovering which one you have – and with this one, that’s a fairly long and exciting process for a six year old. S was riveted with this from start to finish. Plus the handy carry case has now become a clever storage purse for her other LOL dolls… when they’re not all bathing in my bathroom sink, that is!


NB we were sent this toy for the purposes of review, but all words and pictures are our own.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Catherine E Bennett


    We unboxed one of these today. My daughter sat on my hardwood floor to put the fizz shell in the water. When she took the turquoise shell out to reveal what was in it, some had dropped on my hardwood floor. The hardwood appears to have burn marks where the water was dripped. I called the company and they said that there is nothing that they can do for me. I will be calling again tomorrow and demanding to talk to someone that has authority. If it is doing this to my hardwood floor, what is it doing to my daughters skin? Yes it says to protect your hands, but come on, it is a childs toy!

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