Now that it’s November, we can talk about Christmas, right?

love Christmas; I love decorating; I love wearing Christmas jumpers; I love covering every inch of the house in glitter. And I love giving presents. I love Christmas shopping… but what I love most about Christmas shopping is wandering about among the lights and the smell of roasting chestnuts, knowing I’ve already got all of my presents sorted!

I was intrigued then when I was sent a pre-filled Christmas stocking from Hawkin’s Bazaar for review. Could this be an easy way out of trawling through queues and crowds when I’d rather be listening to carol singers?

I was dubious, to be honest; I was worried about exactly what a pre-filled Christmas stocking would be pre-filled with. The one I was sent was for a girl aged 3+, but they also do them for adults and older children. I needn’t have worried – after all, there’s a reason I love to shop at Hawkin’s Bazaar. Here’s what came in the stocking:


These are all the lovely, traditional toys I wanted to put into S’s stocking. I’ve split them out a little so that you can see what’s there…


I can’t tell you the technical name for the little woodpecker bird thing that wobbles its way down the metal pole – but I loved them when I was little! 


a pocket pinball maze and dominoes! S will love this. I can’t wait to teach her how to play dominoes. Play dough is always a winner too.


These are the smallest items in the stocking, but if I know S at all, they’ll be her favourites! The princess and the fish are both wind-up toys, which are always a big hit in our house. The tortoise’s head pops out when you squeeze him which is great fun (I’ve tried it out myself, in the interest of reasearch!). And the robot at the back is one of those one where you press the base and it collapses. S begs me for one of these whenever we see them in a shop.

This pre-filled Christmas stocking is priced at £25, and contains items with a total value of £50. The contents can vary from stocking to stocking, but all items are things you would normally be able to buy in Hawkin’s Bazaar. 

And now that I don’t have to scour the streets for bits and bobs for S’s Christmas stocking, I’m free to spend a little more time drinking mulled wine and watching Home Alone on repeat…



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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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