Since becoming a mother, my ideas about what are essential pieces of homeware has changed somewhat.

At first I only wanted things in my home that were durable and practical – things that had no chance of breaking when a toddler decided to investigate whether it looked better on the floor or not.

Two years later, I had a house that felt very safe and welcoming. No sharp objects in sight; boxes of toys in every corner and nothing around that I cared about getting damaged. 

That’s when I realised I was living in a nursery! I’d made the perfect nest for my child and left nowhere for me to be myself or to re-energise. I needed to restore balance in order to share my personality with the world, and to set an example of how to express yourself in all the areas of your life.

But my child is a part of who I am now so I needed to express that as well.

I’ve made a list here of my top picks of essential homeware for any mother. Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a mother or you’re taking your first steps towards re-establishing your home, these pieces will work fantastically.

Non-slip rugs

If a rug is beautiful enough, then it can count as a renovation in my eyes! It can work as a statement piece in any room and can add a splash of life to a space that has gotten musty. Every few months I find myself moving my rugs to another room and it’s like a new room and a new rug have appeared.

I always opt for a non-slip for obvious reasons but with the right pieces of furniture on top, a normal rug can still work.

The best part is that they can be used either to absorb spills or cover them up. And they help to protect your floor from any unwanted damage.

living room with rug

Screen Divider

Getting a screen divider was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It allows me to control the flow of a room and to create private spaces without putting myself in isolation from anyone else in the house.

The first one I got was a Japanese style paper divider – which I loved but it did end up having several panels with holes poked through. Last year I replaced it with a wooden-slat divider and it’s given me the ideal home-work space.


Getting a good vase changed my life – bold statement but it’s true. Before the vase I’d rarely get flowers for my home because when I did they’d end up sitting in a cut-up plastic bottle on my kitchen table. I’d only really look at them for the first time when they died.

Recently I splashed out on a gorgeous orange-tinted LSA vase for my lounge room and whenever I see it I know I want to fill my home with the scent of whatever is in season. It breathes life even in winter.

Net Curtains

I know many people have been using net curtains their whole lives, but I’m a recent convert. They can seem fiddly and unnecessary, but when you want to let that brilliant sunlight in while having privacy in your home there’s nothing better.

They’re easy to install with a tension curtain rod and they acn dramatically change how much light is in your house.

Desk Easel

I bought three smaller easels for an art project and they have now become a staple of my home.

You can put anything on them from small paintings to coffee table books to photographs, and all without the need for a frame.

What I love about them is that you always feel the need to change what’s on display. It gives me a good reason to show off different pictures that would otherwise get hidden away.



Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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