S and I had a PJ Masks party to celebrate the release of a new range of toys. She was sent a Catboy costume to help her host the ultimate party.

PJ Masks Toys

We invited some friends round, and set about having a very… super time. First things first, we cut out masks so that everyone could be super!

making masks

Don’t ask me why S decided to cut out a Catboy mask when she was already wearing a Catboy costume; she just did! 

PJ Masks Gekko mask

Once we all had our masks on, it was time for some serious fun and we rolled out the “pass the parcel” game we’d been sent. 

PJ Masks pass the parcel

There were 12 layers, each in the colour of one of the heroes, and each one had a special treat in it too. It was a very exciting game!

PJMasks pass the parcel

There were PJ Masks characters, a colouring book and sweeties inside the layers which caused much excitement as they came out.

PJ Masks plastic characters

We even got a couple of the Night Villains too… which sparked great debate over who they were, whether they were boys or girls, what they did that was so bad and so on. Discussion got very heated at times!

After pass the parcel it was time for more games. I gave the children a choice of what to do next, and they opted to decorate superhero biscuits… so that’s what we did!

decorating superhero biscuits

I’m fairly sure more of the decorations went into mouths than onto biscuits, and there was a lot of bouncing up and down… so after this we went outside to practise our superhero speedy moves… Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m not down with the kids; I don’t know the names of the moves they were pulling! Apparently “super cat speed” and “super cat leap” are things they do in the show. super cat leap

After this we had a rather abortive attempt at a memory game. The idea was that it should be a bit like the shopping game, only “If I were a PJ Masks Hero I would be able to…”  Unfortunately I think we probably should have done this before we fed the children any sugar! It descended into an awful lot of shouting and jumping about; supercat leaps and so on. In the end, since we’d been sent enough prizes, I just gave one to each of the children for making an effort!

PJ Masks Gekko Mobile

As well as this one, there’s a red one for Owlette and a blue one for Catboy. What’s great about them is that you get the character for your vehicle, but there are also seats in each vehicle for the other characters. S loves hers and despite my protestations, it’s currently living in her bed so that she can play with it as soon as she wakes up every morning… I’m hoping that will wear off, to be honest.

PJ Masks plush toys

All of the toys you’ve seen in our post can be purchased through Flair

You can see more PJ Masks fun on the PJ Masks website.

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