I love to make personalised Christmas cards each year to send to our family and friends, so when Snapfish contacted me to tell me about their personalised Christmas card service, I was interested to see how they would compare to services I’ve used in previous years. Also as we’ve just moved house I was keen to share a photo with our nearest and dearest to celebrate our new home.

The site is really easy to use, with lots of designs to choose from. Then, once you’ve chosen your design you can personalise virtually every aspect of it. I chose two different card designs:

snapfish christmas card

They were really simple to personalise; you can change various details both inside and out, and on the back of the card.

We had great fun doing our own mini photo shoot for this; S loved playing with fairy lights and tinsel and took it as an opportunity to sing me every Christmas song she could think of.

Snapfish has some top tips to help if you’re considering a family photo shoot for Christmas cards:

1. Get an extra pair of hands. I wish I’d done this! In previous years I’ve had my sister on hand to help with Christmas photos, and it does make things much easier.

2. Lighting – it’s crucial for good photos. In our photos we used fairy lights but ideally you want to be using natural light from a window so aim to have your photo shoot at midday when the light will be at its best.

3. Look the part – Matching accessories are always a nice touch. S and I have matching Christmas jumpers this year, but I couldn’t be in the photos because I was photographer!

4. Props – I think S has this down to a fine art with her tinsel and fairy lights but you could also use reindeer antlers or those clever photo booth sets with fake beards and all sorts. 

5. Rewards – the best way to keep children happy when you’re trying to get a good photo! Luckily getting to play with fairy lights was reward enough for S!

6. Tell a story. Snapfish suggest taking more candid photos than posed ones. S has developed a very cheesy grin which she cracks out whenever I ask her to smile for the camera. I find I get better, more natural photos from her when I ask her to tell me about what she’s holding, or get her to sing me a song!

7. Have fun! – it’s really easy to get stressed when nobody is standing where you want them to or everyone is looking in different directions. Just take as many photos as you can and find ways to get people’s attention vaguely towards the camera. You can go through afterwards and just find the best one – you might find that in your favourite shot nobody is even looking at the camera any way!

I’m really pleased with the results from our Christmas cards:

personalised christmas card snapfish

I chose to use different photos on the inside of the card, but a similar font and simple wording for each.

personalised christmas card snapfish

You can also personalise the back of the card; each one comes with a pattern which you can choose to remove and replace either with text or another photo. I decided to keep the pattern as I felt it added a festive touch.

I think it’s also worth noting that my order was shipped really quickly and reached me in just a few days. I had thought I was cutting it a bit fine with ordering cards this year but they’ve arrived in plenty of time for us to write and post them.

Personalised Christmas cards from Snapfish.co.uk start from 75p each depending on how many you buy.

Order your personalised Christmas cards here

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Michaela Smith · 10/12/2016 at 20:17

Great review! You’re Christmas cards look fab :)

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