At this time of year we can often find that we’ve run out of money before everything is quite ready for Christmas. Or, we get to Boxing Day and realise there’s a week until the end of the month, but we spent all of our cash on making sure Christmas Day was brilliant.

Perhaps you want to take full advantage of the Boxing Day sales but you’ve not quite got the cash to cover what’s in your basket.

With Vivus you can borrow the cash you need to tide you over, whatever the reason. Vivus offers one payment loans to savvy borrowers, with the control in your hands. First time borrowers can try out Vivus with a half price first loan – because Vivus has confidence in their product. The process is simple: you apply, you’re approved, you get the cash and then you pay it back in one repayment when you’re paid. The great thing about Vivus is that if you miss your payment date you get five days’ grace to make your payment before any late charges or additional interest are applied. The application process is online, so you don’t have to hang about on the phone listening to awful hold music. You can fill in your application in your own time, at any time of the day.

So if you were hoping to hit the Boxing Day sales with a bang, now you can. A quick, simple online process can have the money in your account quickly and with minimal hassle. Then, on pay day you pay back what you owe. With an interest rate of 0.8% per day (0.4% for first time borrowers) this is a loan that won’t break the bank when you pay it back. It’s aimed at people who are careful with their money and just need a bit of extra cash to tide them over – something we can all understand at this time of year!


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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