S was really excited to be sent this Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head for review. She’s going through a phase at the moment where she likes to brush hair, put clips in and generally make people look beautiful – so this styling head has brought me some relief too!

Ariel Bath Styling Head

This is not just any styling head though; Ariel is a princess, so of course she is comfortable in the water. She has suction cups on her back so that you can stick her to the side of the bath. Unfortunately we still have no light in our bathroom so we can’t show you a photo of Ariel enjoying a bath/shower – but it is great fun, mainly because you can pour icy cold water over her and watch her lips and eyeshadow change colour, and the blue streak in her hair change from blue to teal.

Kids love anything that changes colour, and anything involving water – so this is a definite win in our house. As you can see from the photos, her hair has been thoroughly… er… cared for already. 

ariel bath styling head

She comes with a hair brush and clips, as well as a removable shell necklace and a pink shell to use for pouring cold water over her!

S really enjoys playing with her Ariel styling head. The hair is a bit hard to brush, but I think perhaps that’s just what happens when you give a four year old a doll with brushable hair! She really loves styling her hair and saying “oh dear, your hair needs a wash!” before taking her upstairs to the bathroom!

The Ariel Bath Head toy is available from all good toy shops, RRP £24.99.

NB we were provided with this toy in exchange for a review, but all words and opinions are our own.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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