S is mad for fancy dress. Anyone who follows our Instagram will be familiar with the costumes she’s now growing out of, but refuses to give up. This year, I’m thinking I might replenish S’s fancy dress wardrobe with some new fancy dress costumes. Here are some of her recent favourites:

This Minions onesie is definitely on its last legs. It’s been worn and washed numerous times, and now the arms and legs are noticeably too short… but can I get away with getting rid of it? Probably not until she’s physically unable to get into it!

minion costume

Last week on half term, I broke it to her that her school doesn’t celebrate Halloween, so she would have to wear school uniform and not a costume on Monday morning. She was really upset until I said, you know, this week is half term so you can wear what you want! She ran off upstairs, and returned five minutes later as a pirate. She walked around town all afternoon in full pirate costume, including hat, eye patch and ear ring. I made her wear the blue shirt beneath it when I realised the velcro at the back came undone whenever she moved!

yarr pirate costume

This cat costume is actually quite new… but owning one costume that fits doesn’t mean S wears it any more often than the costumes that are too small!

cat fancy dress

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