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S was very excited when this toy arrived in the post last week. Pet Parade is a growing range of toy pets for children which come alive with a finger’s touch. The set S was sent is from the new Pet Parade Families Mum and Baby set – so it included a mummy, a baby, a lead that controls both of them, and even a dummy for the baby. I’ll let S show you how they work together:


They’re magnetic, so the lead attaches to the collar on either the mummy or the baby, and their mouths attach to each other’s tails. In this video S is wagging the dog’s tail to move its head, but there’s a little raised joystick button on the back that you’re supposed to use. As you can see from the video, when you move the dogs along their legs move, to make it seem like they’re really walking.

pet parade mummy and baby

S absolutely adores her dogs, and spends ages playing with them. They chatter to each other; the baby refuses to eat breakfast; various areas of our living room have been turned into the dogs’ home, their bed, their school. You name it, these dogs do it. They’re brilliant for all sorts of roleplay, and I often hear S’s dogs acting out conversations S has had with me or her friends. 

pet parade family

There is a wide range of Pet Parade toys, which includes puppies and kittens all of which walk and have realistic movements. They’re not battery operated so won’t run out and languish in the corner waiting for you to remember to buy new ones – a big plus point in this house! 

The Pet Parade YouTube channel has fourteen webisodes which tie in with the toys and bring a whole new level of fun. The full range of Pet Parade is available from Flair.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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