Go Jetters Magazine Review

S was really quite excited to be sent a copy of the new Go Jetters Magazine for review. 

S loves to watch Go Jetters on TV; they’re great for teaching about geography and famous landmarks, something the magazine also helps with. In this edition, you can cut out shapes to build yourself an Eiffel Tower – which S is looking forward to doing on our day off today.

This month’s episode also has a Vroomster launcher toy which zooms an aeroplane across the floor, and a Xuli figurine – that’s the purple one, for those who are not down with the kids! S loves this and has been zooming her aeroplane around the living room like nobody’s business. There’s also a Go Jetters poster and a sticker reward chart. 

As with all children’s magazines there are lots of stickers, as well as colouring in and stories and puzzles and counting games. 

Go Jetters Magazine Review

In this game, pictures of the Go Jetters were jumbled up, and S had to draw a line from the jumbled picture to the non-jumbled picture. She loves to do things like this and was eager to show me how well she could match up the pictures.

There’s even an interactive app, which you can download to your phone or tablet and then point it at a symbol on the page for more fun. 

I like this magazine because it has loads of things S can do without my help, and several we can do together. There’s a story we can read together, and activities I can explain to her, then she can go off on her own to do. Then there are pictures she can colour in without needing to ask for help. And when she’s finished colouring, she can come back and we can both learn something about Niagara Falls (I was rubbish at geography at school).

Go Jetters Magazine is aimed at boys and girls aged 4 and is available from today.

Vicky Charles

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