I am that person who looks up the day before a birthday and thinks “oh poop, I’d better get to a shop…” I forgetting birthdays was an Olympic sport, I would have a gold medal. This year I managed to send my niece a birthday card that arrived on the actual day, and I felt like I deserved a sticker or something – it was the first time I’d ever managed it!

I was pleased then, when I was asked to review Gift Wink. It’s a site designed to take the stress out of buying birthday presents for children. What I love about this particular one is that you tell it the child’s name and date of birth, but also some of their interests – so they will then suggest a gift for you.

The home screen gives you a list of upcoming birthdays, so that you know what’s coming up without having to go hunting for it.

giftwink review

My friend’s daughter Erinn turns 1 in a couple of weeks, and since I’ve given Gift Wink some ideas of her interests, it has come up with some gift ideas:

Giftwink gift ideas

Once you’ve set up someone’s birthday on the site, you can browse through gifts and use the little heart icon below each photo, to add it to a specific person’s “wishlist.” So if I was looking for gifts for Erinn, I might add the wooden peg set to her wishlist so that I can come back later and decide which thing to buy from that list.

The website says it will send you an email to remind you of birthdays… as you can see from that top picture there, today is my friend Samaire’s birthday. Now, I didn’t get an email notification for this, but I’m not sure if that’s just because she’s an adult and the site is meant for children’s birthdays. That said, it would be great if Gift Wink was extended to remind me of all my friends and relatives’ birthdays rather than just children’s, and to suggest presents for them.

I think this site is great; it would be fantastic for someone who doesn’t have children, so isn’t familiar with the latest hot toys for children, or what might be appropriate for certain age groups. Before I had S I had no idea what was an appropriate gift to buy for my nieces and nephews and struggled to get something they might like, without consulting with their parents first. With Gift Wink you can click on the relevant age, filter by gender (or not, if you don’t want to), and then search by most popular to find something that’s guaranteed to be loved.

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