We love being Parragon Book Buddies, and this month S was really excited to see two fantastic Disney titles come through the door.
disney book week frozen

To celebrate Disney Book Week and the release of more than 20 Disney hardback books, we were sent Jungle Book and Frozen.

As you can see, S was quite chuffed with them:

disney book week jungle book

The great thing about these books is that they’re based on the Disney movies that so many of us (big and small) know and love. So you can sit down together for a lovely story time, or your child can sit and flick through the book on their own and still know what’s going on. The pictures are taken straight from the movies (as far as I can work out) so it’s familiar and comforting like watching the dvd but helping to foster that love of books we all would like our children to have.

S loves her new books; they now live on her bed. We read one of them at bed time, and then when I go to bed later I usually find that she’s been reading them both to herself before falling asleep!

Even better, we went into WH Smith the other day and found that the entire set of Disney Movie Collection books are buy one, get one free right now… so we may have added to our collection!

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