From 2016 onwards, toy manufacturer Schleich is dividing its themed play world Wild Life into four habitats: Safari, Ice & Ocean, Jungle and Forest. The Safari and Ice & Ocean play worlds in particular will be expanded with plenty of new products in 2016.

I’ve heard a lot about Schleich from other parents, but we had never played with them. I was intrigued then, when we were offered two Wild Life sets for review. S was sent the Shark set, and the Lion Cave Playset. And being four, she decided there was no reason the two couldn’t just play together.

Schleich Shark Set

The Shark Set comprises the white shark, the blue shark and the tiger shark – three of the most dangerous sharks in the world. 


Schleich Lion Cave Playset
The Lion Cave Playset features a desert lioness sheltering from the heat in a cave, and even comes with the bone of a dead animal for her to gnaw on.
You might think that a lion in the desert and three sharks might never meet… but not in the mind of a four year old!


S loves playing imaginatively with both of these Schleich Wild Life sets.

Schleich Wild Life Lion

In this photo, the lion is watching her out of the window of the cave, while she rearranges the plants outside.


Schleich Wild Life Lion Cave

See? The lion and the sharks live next door to each other, and often socialise together.

Schleich Wild Life Lion and Shark

In this photo, De Af is helping while the lion and the shark have an argument. 

The verdict: S absolutely loves both of these sets, and plays with them loads. It’s been really hard to get good photos of her playing, because her hands move so quickly and she’s too impatient to pose for a photo! She loves to have the lion and the sharks chatting about their day, perhaps chasing each other. At night the lion goes into her cave to sleep. 


Note: I was provided with these Schleich Wild Life play sets for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own. 

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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