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We were sent some of the new Little Dish Go Gos to try. They also sent S a super hero mask and cuff set, which you can see went down quite well. Go Gos are mini wholegrain oat biscuits. They were created in partnership with leading nutritionist Lucy Jones. There are three flavours: ginger, vanilla and raspberry, and they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives or refined sugar. They’re wheat and dairy free too, which is great as I’m trying to cut down S’s wheat intake.

little dish go gos

As healthy snacks go, these are right up there with chia seeds, flax and pea protein as well! They come in individual 25g packets (60p each) or in multipack boxes of five (£2.50 each). We were sent a box of each flavour to try out, and S was quite chuffed.


Lucy Jones says:

The little wholegrain oat rings are a great snack option because they are nutrition-packed, full of ingredients that help provide a steady stream of energy rather than a boost followed by a crash, and great fun for little hands to handle. They are delicious on their own or can be served with fresh fruit, dips or yoghurt for added goodness.

I was a bit unsure when I gave these to S. She seems to be able to sniff out “healthy” food a mile off and turns her nose up at everything I want her to eat! I tried it though, putting on my best nonchalant “eat it if you want to” face – and she carefully inspected the packet.

little dish raspberry go gos

The fact they have a hole in that’s just the right size for a finger was a massive win. They seemed to go down well and we shared a packet after tea the other evening (yes, she is dressed as a sheep; what of it). We were extra excited when we found that the packets each seem to have a sticker on the back. S likes stickers and there seems to be a whole set of animals to collect, which she likes.

Little Dish Go Gos are a great snack to give to S when we’re out and about, or as an after-tea treat. They’re tasty and also healthier than a lot of the other things she might choose as a snack or treat, so I don’t mind giving them to her when she asks. We tried out their portability this week when she took her bike out for a very long ride… 

bike ride council grounds Salisbury

It turns out Little Dish Go Gos are perfect to eat when you’re having a little break from balance biking. In fact, S has now started doing the old “Mummy, I’m hungry” thing in the hope that I’ll let her have a packet. And since they’re more healthy than a bag of crisps, I’m inclined to give them to her!


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Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life · 29/03/2016 at 22:07

We have been trying these out too, my little two ( aged 1 & 2) loved them. My little girl also puts them on her fingers to eat xx

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