dreaming of a garden

S and I don’t have a garden right now; you could say we’re “between gardens.” We often talk about what our garden will look like though, when we get one. 

Obviously, there will be a slide. S wants a slide because she loves them – and we often walk past a garden with a slide on the way to nursery in the mornings! As well as a slide, there will be a sand pit, a swing, and probably a few ride-on toys. And space for her to ride her bike, of course. 

S is adamant that we should have lots of grass, but a friend has recently had some fake grass put in her garden, and I like the sound of that – no mud; no requirement for a lawnmower. 

We’d like a space to grow flowers and vegetables too; when I was little I remember growing marrows, pumpkins and runner beans and I’d love for S to do the same. We grew a plant from seed on our window sill not too long ago and she loved it, so the idea of being able to eat something we’ve grown is brilliant. We might even take a look at some greenhouses so that we can grow lots of different plants. 

As well as a lawn, some flower beds, a vegetable patch and a greenhouse, we’ll need a patio: somewhere we can sit on summer evenings and enjoy our tea. And a nice, flat space for a big paddling pool in the summer. I’d like to have one of those proper massive ones, the kind you could swim in… in actual fact, why don’t we just go the whole hog and have a swimming pool in our garden! And perhaps a hot tub, too.

For S right now I think the highest priority is that we should have space for her to ride her bike.  You might think we’re daft, but we talk about these things all the time. We love where we live, but we talk about our next house, and what the garden will be like, all the time. It’s fun to day dream and also I like the thought that S thinks anything is possible. 

By the way, our next house will have a purple front door too.

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