Scooter Safety

It’s that time of year when we’re all buying gifts for our children – and I’m sure many of us have already hidden a scooter somewhere about the house!

Halfords have put together a set of tips and tricks for beginners to help them to do more than just scoot on their new scooters. The idea is to provide kids and teens with useful tips and a three-step process so they can learn cool new tricks and not stay a newbie for long!

S is only 3, but she’s already trying to do more than just scoot; she sees older children doing tricks and wants to join in with what they’re up to. I don’t think she’s quite big enough yet, but she’s certainly giving it a good go! These tips are great for anyone waking up on Christmas morning with a two-wheeled gift under the tree wanting to wow their friends at the park!

If you’ve not organised a scooter for Christmas yet, you can get one from Halfords!


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