Home Security and Spare KeysThis flat is the first place I’ve ever lived with a slam-shut, Yale-style lock. It’s handy for me, because it means I can’t get half way down the street and think oh crap, did I lock the door? It’s a little non-handy for me though, because I’m constantly paranoid about leaving the house without my keys!

Not long after we moved in here, I took S to nursery without my keys, and had to run round to my sister’s house and borrow her key in order to get in. That then caused a problem because I needed her to collect S from nursery and bring her home later that day – but she didn’t have her key because she’d lent it to me. Luckily my sister only lives a couple of blocks away, so it wasn’t a major problem; more of an inconvenience. But if she hadn’t lived so close, or I hadn’t had the forethought to give her a spare key, what would have happened?

At times like this, you can see how a key cabinet can be really handy!  Fast Keys sell key cabinets which fix onto the outside of the building. You put a spare key in the cabinet, and then hey presto! The key is secure, and only available to the person or people who know the code for the cabinet. 

This is handy for two reasons: firstly, you don’t need to get several keys cut and then worry whether the right person has a key when they need one (say, if they’re collecting your child from nursery, for example). Secondly, you don’t have to worry about people losing a spare key for your house and therefore requiring you to change the locks. And if you come to a point where you’ve given the code to someone you’d rather not have in the house, you can just change the code on the cabinet. Genius.

This is a brilliant idea for someone like me. I’m a single parent, but I rely on friends and family to help me out with caring for S. A key cabinet means I don’t have to hand out keys to my home.


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