Kozi Kidz rain coat review

S was very pleased to be sent a Regn Kappa Rain Coat from Kozi Kidz for Review. She loves to go out puddle splashing, and she loves to look super cool (hence the sunglasses in the photo above), so this was a double win for her!

The rain coat arrived a couple of weeks ago; she tried it on for size, but was a bit put out when I wouldn’t let her wear it – it was really warm and sunny outside! It’s been hanging on the back of a chair in our living room, waiting for a rainy day. When the rain finally did come on Tuesday, she was too poorly to go out in it, and instead stood at the window, watching tantalising puddles forming on the street below.

Yesterday though, it did rain. Although she wasn’t feeling 100%, we needed to go to the shop for supplies so we decided to try it out.

Great things about this coat:

  • The coat is a longer length than normal, so that if you’re at the park and decide to go on the swings, there won’t be a wet bottom! This is also handy for sitting on damp benches.
  • There are velcro straps around the wrists, so that you can make them tight enough to avoid water dripping inside the arms whenever hands are raised.
  • It’s not one of those horrible, sweaty waterproofs that just means you get soaked in sweat instead of rain; S was warm and dry when she took her coat off. The PU material is stretchy and has a nice feel to it, so S is often to be found stroking the coat while she’s wearing it!
  • The hood has a peak and is a nice roomy size, with elastication at the sides. It doesn’t fall down easily, and keeps the rain from dripping down on to the face.
  • Reflective spots on the sleeves and at the back (as seen in the photo below). S loves these because they’re shiny and a bit different, but obviously they have a practical purpose.
  • Easily detachable hood – in case your child goes through one of those stages, but more importantly in case they are grabbed in the playground and don’t wish to be strangled!
  • It’s machine washable! No sponging mud off a waterproof in the sink; you can just shove it in the washing machine. Genius.
  • A velcro- and popper-fastening flap over the zipper to keep the rain out.

kozi kidz rain coat

The coat comes in pink with white dots (as modelled by S above!), black with white dots, navy blue or bright yellow. I am actually really jealous of S and her new rain coat; the attention to detail really stands out. You know with some waterproofs, as well as the sweat factor, some of the inside seams can be a bit itchy and sharp? This coat has none of those.

In truth, we’re hoping for a wet Summer!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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