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I am so excited to be reviewing these shoes; I love them!

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a constant dilemma when it comes to footwear: wear something that looks good and resign myself to being uncomfortable, or wear something comfortable and look like I shop in the “old lady” section. I know I can’t be the only person who has this problem; I cannot believe anyone is ever genuinely comfortable in heels, and as I’ve gotten older (and gained a toddler to chase) I’m less inclined to tolerate discomfort in the name of fasion or style or being tall enough to see over the bar.

Fret not, people! I have found shoes that look awesome and feel like heaven. There’s a reason this company’s tagline is #TakeItEasy!

Hey Dude Shoes is a fairly new company, and their shoes are a bit revolutionary, to be honest! They have patented their EVA sole, and use it to make classic styles, but super comfortably. What does that mean? It means that the more you wear a pair of Dude shoes, the more they mould to the shape of your feet. It also means that since the sole is made of EVA, they’re really light.

I kept trying to explain to people just how light my shoes were, but it’s really difficult – so I ended up just taking my shoes off and giving them to people to hold. I can’t hand you all one of my shoes to see for yourself though; that would be bonkers. So I came up with this:

dude shoes weigh 125g

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my shoes weigh less than your average banana.

As well as being light, they’re also super comfortable. The other morning I left the house in a rush (what’s new), and as I got to town I suddenly had this feeling, uh-oh, have I come out the house in my slippers? I hadn’t, of course – just my new shoes.

Whenever I get new shoes, I get blisters. Every Summer, as the weather gets warmer and I contemplate wearing flip flops, I know I will have to endure several painful blisters before I can wander about in them comfortably; even if it’s the same pair I wore last Summer. In fact, I have a permanent scar on the top of my foot from a well-known and expensive brand of flip flop. These gorgous shoes are the only brand I have ever worn in my life that didn’t give me blisters. At all. Not a one. It was like putting on a pair of shoes I’d already worn in – and they just got more comfortable as time went on.

Hey Dude Shoes
Another great thing about these shoes: they’re machine washable. And you can buy new insoles from the website. So basically, when they start to look a bit old, you can perk them up again!

Since I first put these shoes on, two things have happened: firstly, everyone keeps noticing them and commenting on them, asking where I got them, the usual. Secondly, I’ve barely taken them off. They’re cooler than wearing slippers when it’s warm out, but warm enough to not be a stupid choice on the nursery run first thing in the morning. I have had these shoes a week, and I think the only time I’ve been out in any other shoes was for a night out.

The only down side to these shoes is that they can be a little slippery on certain surfaces when it’s raining. But to be fair, when it’s raining, I tend to wear boots or something.

I would definitely recommend a pair of Hey Dude Shoes to anyone who likes to have comfortable feet. I am in love with mine and seriously considering buying a pair in every style/colour.

Hey Dude Shoes have given me a discount code for my readers to get 10% off a pair of Dude shoes. Simply enter SINGLEMOTHERAHOY at the checkout, and you too ca have wildly comfortable feet and mini-panics about whether you’ve gone to the shops in your slippers!

Hey Dude Shoes


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Steve white · 26/08/2016 at 16:17

Really good shoes as I now have two pairs, only problem is I find them very slippery, any ideas, can I spray something on soles?

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