Book Review: Spot the Lamb on the Farm

Book review spot the lamb on the farm

We were sent a copy of Spot the Lamb on the Farm for review, which was nice for S, since she really loves books!

This is one of a series of books where you have to find something, including a robot, a dinosaur and a monkey. I chose the lamb one because of our recent trip to a farm for a lambing weekend.

At the beginning of the book you’re shown a lamb with a pink bow and asked if you can find her on every page. The lamb is not the only thing you need to find though; on each page there is a list of other things for you to find, as well as some interesting facts about the scene.

spot the lamb on the farm

I sat down with S and showed her what “our” sheep looked like – with the pink bow, and then we began the task of finding it on each page. Because it’s aimed at pre-schoolers it’s not as hard as other books like this – but there are still plenty of red herrings and the sheep was pretty hard to find on a couple of pages!

toddler engrossed in book

When I got this book out of S’s teetering pile of books in the corner, ready to begin writing this review, she had other ideas. She immediately jumped up onto the sofa to have yet another go at finding “our sheep.” She loves to look for the sheep and gets really excited when she’s able to point it out to me: “I found our sheep, Mummy!”

toddler reading spot the lamb on the farmAs you can see from the photos, the illustrations in this book are fantastic. As well as fun pictures of farm animals getting up to all sorts, there are fun facts about the animals. This combined with the extra things to find on each page, and other tasks like counting ducklings, means it’s one of those books that will keep you engaged for hours – and every time you go back to it there’s something new to discover.

We love this book and it’s a definite favourite for when we come home from nursery in the afternoons. I’d recommend it to anyone with a toddler/pre-schooler; if not the lamb version, then one of the others in the collection!

Thanks for reading.

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