Holiday Window ShoppingLast Summer, S and I were lucky enough to spend a weekend at a holiday park. We had a fantastic time and came home feeling like we’d been away for weeks.

This year, I’ve not organised a holiday for us. I’m optimistic about affording a little longer than a weekend this year, so I’ve been window shopping for holidays. Actually, I read an article recently that said researching holidays can often make us feel just as good as packing a case and going on one… so I’m testing that theory! There is definitely a lot of enjoyment to be found in just browsing through the available holidays, and imagining what fun you’d have!

I found this site called lowcostholidays with loads of … well, low cost holidays. Clue’s in the name with that one!

This is a great site for window shopping, because there’s such a wide range of holidays on offer. For example, do I want a week at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, or 7 nights at Sandos Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote? We could go to Fuerteventura for a beach holiday, or skiing in Canada… Actually, I’m scared of heights and hate the cold so skiing is probably out!

I’ve not been on many holidays in my life, so I don’t have a lot to go on with this. My main criteria are that it’s warm and family friendly. And I think that’s most places these days. Am I just a bit bonkers, thinking of taking a toddler on holiday alone, though?

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