Recipe: Slow Cooker Sausage & Bacon Casserole



I am a lazy cook… and not a very good one, either. I replaced my broken slow cooker right before Christmas though, and was determined to use it a lot… so I have been. Here is a really simple recipe for sausage and bacon casserole that tastes amazing…


One pack of sausages (I used cocktail sausages left over from Christmas)

One pack of bacon

One tin chopped tomatoes

An onion

Some carrots and other vegetables – whatever is hanging about

A pint of stock  – I used stock made from the chicken we had at Christmas, but a stock cube will work just as well

A little flour

Paprika to taste



Chop your bacon into pieces about the size of a 2p piece. Put a frying pan on a high heat, and chuck in the sausages and bacon. You want to brown the outsides, so a little time on high heat is fine – you don’t need to worry about whether any of the meat is actually cooked because the slow cooker will take care of that!

Once the sausages and bacon have a bit of colour, put them in the slow cooker.

Chop your vegetables and onion and put them in the slow cooker too, and pour in your tinned tomatoes.

Pour the stock into the slow cooker, and add as much (or as little) paprika as you like.

Mix the flour with some water until it’s a thick paste, then add it to the mixture and mix in. Doing it this well will help to avoid ending up with lumps of flour in  your sauce – instead it should thicken it nicely.


Mix the whole casserole well, then pop the lid on and switch the slow cooker on. Cook on High for around 3 hours, or Low for 5 hours.




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