Review: BIC Colouring Kit

If there’s one thing S can do for hours, it’s colouring. She loves to draw pictures, make books and make fancy designs; we go through pens like there’s no tomorrow. S was very excited then to be sent a BIC Colouring Activity Kit for review.

BIC Colouring Tub


This whopping kit contains:

12 colouring pencils

12 washable felt tipped pens

12 crayons

1 glue stick

and a book containing 14 colouring activity templates.

BIC pens pencils crayons

The pens are easy to remove from skin – something I have had a lot of experience with! A baby wipe usually does it. The caps are ventilated for safety and they come in lovely bright colours.

The pencils are easy to sharpen – they’re made from resin rather than wood so they’re easier for little hands to sharpen.

The crayons are brilliant because they’re pencil shaped and can be sharpened like pencils. They’re also “extra clean” so they don’t make hands or clothes dirty. Also despite being man-handled by S quite a lot, none of them have broken yet – a definite win.


BIC colouring activity tub review

S was suitably excited to be given so many fun colouring things and set straight to work with some serious colouring. She’s gone through almost an entire ream of paper from my printer and now she’s using wallpaper lining paper from a roll, drawing endlessly inventive and imaginative pictures. Even better, the tub doubles as storage for all of the pens, pencils and crayons so that they’re not all over my floor! 

BIC colouring activity kit

I really think if I gave her an endless supply of paper and a few snacks to keep her going, she would draw and colour all day long!

BIC colouring activity tub

 The BIC Colouring Activity Kit is £10, available from all good retailers and in our opinion well worth it for some peaceful time out during the summer holidays!



NB we were provided with a BIC Colouring Activity Kit for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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