We’re DryNites® Ambassadors

S and I are proud to announce that we are DryNites® ambassadors.

S has been out of nappies for some time, but she is nowhere near dry at night yet. One in four children are still wet at night by the age of four, and DryNites® is working to provide parents with the tools and knowledge they need to share in their child’s confidence and help them overcome the bedwetting phase.

DryNites® Frozen pyjama pants

The DryNites website has a ConfidentNites® Guide with lots of helpful advice on bedwetting and we’ll be making use of this while we’re ambassadors. Bedwetting is a normal part of growing up; it affects more than 900,000 children and young people in the UK.

S loves her DryNites®; we call them her bedtime knickers and she loves the Disney and Marvel characters on them. She alternates between Frozen and Spiderman! They are super absorbent so when she’s wearing them we don’t have leaks in the night, and the stretchy sides make them easy for her to take off if she wakes up and needs a wee.

Once S stopped wearing nappies in the daytime, she didn’t like the idea of wearing one at night, so DryNites® allow her to feel more like she’s growing up, not still wearing nappies. Because she can pull them up and down herself, she’s able to get herself ready for bed without any help which is great for both of us!

minions umbrella

During the course of this year we’ll be working on getting S dry at night, without pressure or stress or programmes or schedules. Or star charts, because I don’t like those. Instead, we’ll be talking about the difference between pyjama pants and nappies. 

How have you approached night time dryness with your children?

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