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Sabina is a college student, traveller, blogger and photographer. You can find her blog at VictimtoCharm.com.

This is a day in Sabina’s life…

My alarm went off at 7:35 AM. I always set it ten minutes before I actually have to be up. I’ve found that ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to pretend the real world doesn’t exist before deciding I’m ready to face it.

I plopped my feet on the floor and padded downstairs for breakfast. As my pasta breakfast cooked—I love the leftovers-as-breakfast lifestyle—I assembled my lunch. Yogurt, ants on a log, apple, one Babybel cheese, and crackers with kale & spinach dip all went into my purple lunchbox. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a weird eater. Lunch foods for breakfast, snacks for lunch. Whatever. Meals are all relative anyway.

When the clock read 8:25 I headed to my car, carrying my lunch, a small backpack, and my camera bag. I’m home from college for FullSizeRender-6winter break, and I wasn’t planning to work—I’m a camp counselor during the summer at the Jewish community center, so it’s very seasonal—but my boss asked if I could help with their vacation camp, so off to work I went. Vacation camp is pretty unstructured, which is nice, but the attendance varies so much each day that I never know if I’ll be stressed by 25 campers or taking it easy with only 8.

On this day at work, though, the JCC was having a community event that involved a bounce house. I don’t care how old you are, there’s nothing that makes you feel like a kid again like jumping up and down through obstacles in a brightly colored, inflatable structure. I was in charge of making sure the littlest campers safely got up the ladder to the slide. “One at a time, please!” became my catchphrase for the next hour until whisking my kiddos off to lunchtime.

At 2:30, my shift was over, and I headed back out to the car and onto my next adventure. A few days before, my good friend asked if I would do a photo shoot of her and her sister as a belated Christmas gift to her parents. Doing it, of course, was my Christmas gift to her, so it worked out perfectly. I met them at a local park, where I found out that there would be someone else in the photos—their pug, Mitzi! It was a chilly 25 degrees out (colder with the wind coming off the river that runs alongside the park) but the girls powered through our shoot by hugging each other and rushing through different parts of the park.

I arrived home around 4 and made some hot chocolate to warm my body up after running around the freezing park. A quick look through the fridge and freezer showed that a trip to Trader Joe’s—my happy place—was definitely on the to-do list. I dragged my sister and our two friends along (if you sit at my kitchen table, you get roped into errands, that’s just how it is!) and absolutely raided the frozen food section. The freezer is now well-stocked: tamales, teriyaki chicken, and lamb vindaloo.

All that food wasn’t enough, though. On the way home we swung by Papa Murphy’s to pick up two take-and-bake pizzas. A few friends were coming over in the evening to hang out, catch up, and play Cards against Humanity.

My day was a bit hectic, but by the time I fell into a deep sleep at 12:30, I knew I had accomplished a lot. To me, that’s the best lullaby.


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