It has never been easier to start a small business. The Internet makes it easier to do everything from creating and advertising a product to organising teams and keeping track of stock. Here are five things to really help you succeed in small business:

Get your IT organised

Whatever your business, you will want to ensure you have good IT systems in place to help things run smoothly. Spending a little money on IT consulting services can help you to ensure your business runs well now, and is also able to scale without major issues as you begin to grow.

Build a good support network

Networking is not just about promoting your business; it’s about sharing ideas and best practices with people who are in a similar situation. Running a small business can feel quite lonely at times, and having friends and contacts who are facing similar problems can really help. You don’t need to try and find a group of people who are all in exactly the same line of business as you; just people who are in business can be a great support.

Find a business coach

A business coach can help you with everythign from personal organisation to setting and achieving big goals for your business. They can help you to find solutions to your problems and to work through the tough decisions, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as resources you may not be aware of.

Delegate whenever you can

Often in small business we can feel like we need to do everything ourselves – but it makes much more sense to play to your strengths. It might take you 10 hours to sort through your business accounts for the month, where a trained professional could get things done to a much higher standard in less than half the time. Consider how much you could earn in an hour if you were doing the thing you are good at – and whether you can hire someone to do the things you’re not good at, for a lower rate than you’re able to earn. Also bear in mind that you need down time in order to continue to function well.

Leverage social media

Social media is great for a small business. You can use it not only for selling, but also for networking – and for listening to your customers, to find out what they like and dislike, and how you can best serve them. These days there are several different platforms, so don’t try to master all of them. Think about where your ideal customer is spending their time. If you’re providing services to other businesses, LinkedIn might be the best place for you to spend time. If you’re after trendy Gen Z-ers, Instagram might be a better fit. Choose one or two platforms, and use them for listening as much as for selling or promoting.

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